Augmented Reality/VR - Rows 47-70

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Augmented Reality/VR - Rows 47-70

I have created new rows to enter results as per findings in rows 94 to 117 of the attached spreadsheet. The number of articles mentioning these companies — Barclays, American Express, TD Bank, Chase, Citibank, Capital One, Wells Fargo, HSBC, Santander, Simple Bank, Mint/Intuit and Synchrony Bank — in the domain (AR/VR) for year 2017 is provided in the new rows (94-105).

I used "Google Search" to find the total number of mentions and sort it out only for the year 2017. The search words used was provided in row G, i.e. "Company name" AND (augmented reality) OR (virtual reality) OR (AR/VR). The innovations found in this domain are also provided in the new rows (106-117) and I have input "N/A" for those companies that do not have notable innovation pertaining to AR/VR.


The number of articles mentioning the above-mentioned for the year 2017 for AR/VR domain is as per below.

Barclays: 15,400
American Express: 11,500
TD Bank: 4,390
Chase: 12,800
Citibank: 9,600
Capital One: 3,610
Wells Fargo: 520,000
HSBC: 6,220
Santander: 5,970
Simple Bank: 53
Mint/Intuit: 27,700
Synchrony Bank: 234

Note: For Chase, I did use the word "Chase Bank" and "JP Morgan Chase" to identify that these articles refer to the company.

Most of these companies have notable AR/VR innovation initiatives except for Chase, Simple Bank, and Synchrony Bank.


All other details, aside from what has summarized above, is provided in the attached spreadsheet and did add rows (see rows 94-117) instead of overwriting the previous work. All source links were also entered in column I.