Attrition Rates For Technology Firms

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Attrition Rates For Technology Firms

Key Takeaways


The research seeks to identify the attrition rates for technology companies in the United States. Eight tech firms, including NetGain Technologies, Carousel Industries, Perficient, New Signature, Virtus Corporation, CDW Corporation, IBM, and Amazon Web Services, have been analyzed to obtain data regarding attrition rates. Due to the unavailability of relevant data to facilitate the computation of attrition rates, helpful employee metrics have been provided, as explained in the research strategy.

1.NetGain Technologies

  • NetGain Technologies is one of the providers of IT services, mainly the small and medium businesses based in the Midwestern and Southeastern United States. NetGain Technologies generated $563 million in revenues in 2021.
  • In 2022, NetGain Technologies' staff count stands at 192 employees. This presents a 14% growth in employee numbers since 2021.

2. Carousel Industries 

  • Headquartered in Exeter, Rhode Island, Carousel Industries is a leading provider of information technology and IT services. In early 2020, Carousel Industries had a total of 1,300 employees.
  • However, this number has gradually reduced in the last two years to 980 in 2022.

3. Perficient

  • Perficient is one of the leading digital transformational consulting firms in the United States, serving Global 2000 as well as enterprise clients throughout North America.
  • The number of employees in Perficient has been increasing from 2019 to 2021. In 2019, Perficient had 3,454 employees. In 2020, the number of employees increased to 4,277. In 2021, the number of employees working for Perficient increased to 6,079.

4. New Signature

5. Virtusa Corporation

  • Virtusa is a global provider of digital engineering and IT outsourcing services. As of March 2020, Virtusa had 22,830 employees.
  • Fast forward to 2020, the number of employees at Virtusa had risen to over 30,000.

6. CDW Corporation

7. IBM

8. Amazon Web Services (AWS)

  • AWS is the world's most comprehensive and widely adopted cloud platform providing over two hundred featured services from data centers worldwide. AWS's major customers include the fastest-growing startups, leading government agencies, and most significant enterprises.
  • AWS had 630,600 employees as of the first quarter of 2019.
  • According to the company’s LinkedIn profile, AWS has approximately 117,660 employees as of 2022.

Research Strategy

To identify the attrition rates within technology companies in the United States, the research team selected some well-known players in the industry, specifically, services and hardware providers, managed services companies, and professional services and sales companies. After searching through the public domain, we obtained a list of tech companies and settled on those with revenues of approximately $1 billion and below, except for four companies, namely IBM, ASW Virtus Corporation, and CDW Corporation.

Our research team then searched for data about attrition rates for the identified companies from publicly available sources, including annual reports, labor statistics and databases, and related articles. The requested information was unavailable despite a thorough search of reports, articles, and websites centered on employee attrition rates for the identified industry. We then opted to provide helpful employee metrics such as the number of employees in each firm and how the number has changed in the last 2-3 years. Through this strategy, we obtained relevant information from credible sources, including LinkedIn, Reuters, Datanyze, and ZoomInfo, among other sources.

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