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Attentive Mobile, or simply Attentive, has developed an innovative mobile messaging platform for retail and e-commerce businesses to manage customer communications, such as sale notifications, new product updates, and online shopping cart reminders. Since its founding in 2016, the company has acquired over 50 clients and raised $13 million in a strong Series A fundraising round on the back of its impressive success metric claims. The requested details regarding Attentive have been entered into the attached spreadsheet; these details can also be found below, followed by an explanation of our methodology.


  • Attentive is a platform on which "innovative e-commerce and retail brands" can manage their customer relationships via personalized text messages. These messages include a range of potential interactions, such as "a cart abandonment reminder, a notice about an exclusive sale, [and] product recommendations."
  • This SMS-driven system is in lieu of email (Attentive claims that it grows subscriber lists twice as fast as email), or mobile apps, which, as Attentive's CEO and co-founder explains, people are increasingly less willing to download.
  • The company also offers an analytics dashboard, to monitor performance, optimize growth, and scale over time.


  • Attentive was founded in 2016 in New York City by Brian Long, Andrew Jones, and Ethan Lo, and the company's platform was launched the same year.
  • It has not yet been acquired nor made any acquisitions. There has not been any change in senior leadership aside from the hiring of several new executives; the co-founders remain in leadership roles at the company.
  • The company has already garnered over 50 clients, and obtained an impressive $13 million in Series A funding last year.
  • Its innovative two-tap subscription method reportedly took months to engineer, and it has applied for a patent on the technique.


  • Attentive's flagship product is a "personalized mobile messaging platform" for retail and e-commerce companies to manage customer relationships by sending text messages to notify patrons about deals, new products, products remaining in online shopping carts, and other items. The platform leverages "real-time behavioral data" and utilizes an innovative two-click subscription so customers are not deterred by a lengthy sign-up process.
  • Attentive's platform also includes a "real-time analytics dashboard" so that its client companies can track the performance of their messaging efforts and "continually optimize" them.


  • Attentive has raised a total of US$13,000,000 in one fundraising round, a Series A round led by Bain Capital in which NetView Ventures, MetaProp NYC, and Eniac Ventures also took part.


  • Additionally, it claims that its platform produces twice as many subscribers as, and ten times more revenue than, email messaging methods.
  • It claims that within three months of a company utilizing the platform, mobile messaging will be one of the company's top three revenue streams. To track and optimize these metrics, client companies can use the analytics dashboard included in the platform.


Brian Long, Co-Founder & CEO
 Andrew Jones, Co-Founder & VP Product
 Ethan Lo, Co-Founder & CTO
 Brooke Burdge, VP of Marketing
 Eric Miao, VP of Client Strategy
 Brian Malkerson, VP of Sales
 Jesse Greenberg, VP of Engineering
 Elyssa Albert, Head of Design
 Sean McDermott, Head of People
 Laura Powers, Head of Finance


To locate the requested details regarding Attentive Mobile, we conducted three research strategies. First, we completed an exhaustive examination of the company's website, along with its profiles on other platforms (e.g., LinkedIn and Built in NYC). Second, we conducted a search of relevant databases (e.g., Crunchbase) for information regarding the company's funding and history. Third, we conducted a press search, seeking third-party media reports regarding the company. A combination of these three methods allowed us to provide all requested data on Attentive.