At-Home Cardio Equipment Purchasers- Profiles

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At-Home Cardio Equipment Purchasers- Profiles

The demographic profile for Peloton, Fight Club, and NordicTrack has been further researched and missing demographic information has been located. Peloton, by far, provided the most demographic information. Locating this information was more difficult for NordicTrack and Fight Camp. To finish out these demographics, tools such as Facebook Insights and SimilarWeb were used as proxies.

The results from the initial research have been added for continuity of the research.

Peloton Customer Demographics


  • Peloton's target demographic in the United States is 35-65 years old. 
  • Individuals under the age of 35 are their fastest growing demographic.
  • According to Facebook Insights, 32% of those that state Peloton is an interest are 25-34. 30% are 35-44. 21% are 45-54. 10% are over the age of 55.
  • When taking all of these demographics into account, Peloton has a very large age spread.


  • While Peloton does not share gender statistics, the quotes below indicate they target both sexes equally.
  • Using Facebook Insights, 51% of people who state Peloton is an interest are women, 49% are men.


  • According to Peloton co-founder & CEO, John Foley, the target demographic of the brand is individuals who do not have "time to go to the gym".
  • “These are people who have children, live in suburbs, have nice homes, they have the money and space but don’t necessarily have time,” Foley said.
  • For the young mother, who is 40 years old, who has a 3-year-old napping in the next room, we’re allowing her to take a high energy cycling class without getting a babysitter, and without the travel time," Foley stated.


  • According to the brand's IPO prospectus, incomes under US$75,000 are its largest growing demographic.
  • According to Facebook Insights, 67% have a college education.

Geographic Details

  • According to SimilarWeb, 92.49% of their traffic comes from the US. The UK brings in 1.62%, and Canada 1.13%.
  • According to Facebook Insights, the most followers come from New York City, Los Angeles, and London.

Previous Bycycling Experience

  • Peloton is impressed that they are introducing cycling to a large group of people that have never experienced cycling before they purchased a Peloton.


  • Although Peloton targets individuals that are typically professionals with extra money to spend, an additional demographic, those under 35 with less disposable income has become their fastest growing demographic.
  • This indicates that the price point is not necessarily as important as the community this product offers. Their 95%, 12-month retention rate, supports the fact that they are offering more than just an exercise machine. Tish Blodget, their Head of Global Brand, said that the company has grown so quickly "by building online and offline communities".

Fight Camp Demographics

Please note that there were no Facebook Insights available for Fight Camp.



  • Flight Camp participants are 55% female, 45% male.


  • The website states, "Whether you’re a parent, professional, laid-back or type-A, we know you wear a lot of hats and need a fitness plan that fits you — your schedule, your space, your goals."
  • While they do not share these demographics, this indicates they target the same demographics that Peloton does.


  • With prices that start at $439 for the punch tracker and go up to a premium package for $1349, it would seem that their consumers are going to be those with disposable income. According to Motley Fool, an individual needs around $20,000 for all the "extras" in their lives besides the basics. Using this number, one would have to make a minimum of $59,500 to be able to comfortable afford such a luxury as Fight Camp.

Geographic Information

  • According to SimilarWeb, 88.65% of their traffic comes from the US. Canada, Australia, and the UK all bring in between 1-2% of the traffic.

Previous Boxing Experience

  • Around 50% of members say they have boxed at a gym before in the past and for the other 50%, FightCamp is their first experience with boxing.

NordicTrack Demographics

Please note that since NordicTrack does not publish any demographics, tools such as Facebook Insights and Similar Web were used as a proxy.


  • One of the niche demographics that NordicTrack aims for is the aging baby boomer that is looking for a low impact exercise regime.
  • 56% of their followers, according to Facebook Insights, are between 25-44. 23% are between 45-54, and 15% are over the age of 55.


  • According to Facebook Insights, 47% of users that indicate NordicTrack as an interest are women, 54% are men.


  • 74% are either married or in a relationship. 22% are single, according to Facebook Insights.


  • 60% have a college education.
  • Taking into account the education level of this demographic, it would be an easy assumption that the income levels of those that use NordicTrack would be similar to those that use Peloton and Fight Camp.

Geographical Location

  • According to SimilarWeb, 94.98% of their website traffic comes from the US.
  • According to Facebook Insights, New York City and Los Angeles have the most followers.

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