What is the Under Armour's digital transformation strategy?

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What is the Under Armour's digital transformation strategy?

Key Takeaways


This research presents the following information on Under Armour: (i) company overview (which includes information about the company, its products & services, revenue, and funding history); (ii) corporate values & mission; (iii) strategic initiatives: past and announced; (iv) digital strategy quotes from senior employees; (v) existing marketing tech stack; (vi) corporate challenges faced by the company; (vii) major competitors of the company; and (viii) additional facts. A detailed research strategy can be found at the end of this research, under the section "Research Strategy".

I — Company Overview

1. About the Company and Products & Services

2. Funding History and Annual Revenue

II — Corporate Values & Mission

III — Strategic Initiatives and Quotes From the Company's Leadership Team

  • Partnership with VTEX to grow its e-commerce conversion rate in Brazil:
  • Using technology to help consumers during the pandemic

  • Multiple acquisitions of fitness apps

IV — Marketing Tech Stack

V — Corporate Challenges

VI — Major Competitors

1. Nike

2. Adidas

3. Puma

4. Lululemon

5. Fila

6. Asics

VII — Additional Facts

Research Strategy

For this research on Under Armour's digital transformation strategy, we leveraged the most reputable sources including the company's official website, Fortune, Crunchbase, GlobalData, Retail Dive, Business Insider, and Supply Chain Dive. The major competitors were selected based on the highest market share of companies that are in "the same general field" as Under Armour. These companies are the largest based on revenue. We also corroborated our findings from various sites that provided the list of Under Armour's competitors.

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