Apple Computer Business Decision Makers (2)

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Apple Computer Business Decision Makers (2)

Most of the business decision-makers in the UK organizations are millennials, and the average annual salary of a business decision-maker in the UK is £26,306.


  • According to the Top-Line Growth Imperative report by FleishmanHillard Fishburn, about 39% of the UK business decision-makers were likely to be millennials. Also, according to Blue Corona, millennials comprise about 50% of all B2B buyers. Assuming that the Apple computer business-buying decision-makers in the UK fall under the same demographic, we have determined the below demographic and psychographic analysis.


1. Age

  • Millennials in the UK fall in the age group of 18-34 years.
  • A publication from The Marketing Blender says that about 73% of millennial workers are involved in decisions to purchase products or services for their organizations.

2. Income

  • According to Glassdoor, the average annual salary for a decision-maker is £26,306 in the United Kingdom.

3. Education

  • UK millennials are well-educated, and most of them have attended college and are graduates.


1. Interests

2. Motivations

  • The top 3 motivations of millennials in the UK are spending time with close friends and family (52%), being happy and having fun (50%), taking care of themselves and their own health (33%).

3. Hobbies

  • Millennials in the UK like to spend their leisure time with family (55%), enjoy relaxing in their free time (52%), and playing games (49%).


  • UK millennials also like to spend time watching TV (64%), using social media (61%), and browsing on mobile (59%) during their leisure time.
  • Millennials like watching videos on Youtube (58%) for at least an hour a day, spending time on Facebook (55%), and Instagram (41%).

5. Lifestyle

Research Strategy

Our research initially focused on searching for research reports, surveys, and publications to build the demographic and psychographic profile of Apple computer business buyer decision-makers in the UK; but, were unsuccessful because there was no such information available publicly. The research team also attempted to determine different demographics and psychographic attributes individually in media publications, industry organizations such as Forbes, Business Insider, Businessmag among others, but were unsuccessful because very little has been published about Apple computer business buyer decision-makers in the UK.
Since there was no direct information available, the research team then expanded the research to determine the age group of business decision-makers in the United Kingdom and found that 39% of the business decision-makers in the UK are millennials. Also, publications from sites like Blue Corona and The Marketing Blender suggest that most business decision-makers in an organization are millennials. Based on these reports and publications, we have assumed that the Apple computer business buyer decision-makers in the United Kingdom also fall in the same demographics and have built the demographics and psychographics of Apple computer business buyer decision-makers in the UK.

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