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The information presented here on Anupam Govil was largely gathered from his LinkedIn account, along with testimonials from his workers and news published about him by the media. Given that he is a private person (he keeps his twitter account strictly professional and infrequently posts updates on his LinkedIn account), it was difficult to find much information about his personality, values and other personal aspects. Also, there were little-to-no-details about his failures and/or shortcomings. That being said, there is enough information to go by, based on his employees' testimonials and news/information gathered from sources such as press releases.

Here is the short version of my findings:

Anupam Govil is the President of Avasense and a partner with Avasant, a sourcing governance software solution, boasting of "over 25 years of experience with global corporations, service providers and PE firms." He is a revered and a highly-accomplished business leader who is often described as a detail-oriented manager with a strong business acumen. Through his solid educational background in the fields of engineering and computer science, he has co-founded and directed several business ventures, including 2i Capital, Inventes and iGate.

Besides being known for his businesses, Anupam is a good orator and book author, who has been invited to several conferences, discussion forums and interviews as an honorable guest speaker. Socially, he supports a number of non-profitable ventures such as the Art of Living Foundation and the ASSET foundation when he is not spending time away from the limelight with his family. Some of his key influencers include Deepak Chopra and Richard Branson, and he is an ardent follower of news, business and IT-related groups such as CNNMoney, BBC News, Financial Times, Harvard Business, Impact Sourcing and Global Entry Program.

Kindly find a more comprehensive background of Anupam in the section below.

Anupam's Educational Background

-- Between 1983 and 1987, he studied Electronics and Communication at the Delhi College of Engineering
-- Between 1987 and 1988, he attended the field of Computer Science Jawaharlal Nehru Vishvavidyalaya

Anupam's employment History

-- Senior Associate at iGate Ventures between 1995 and 1999
-- Director for 2i Capital in 2001.
-- Co-founder and Director for Inventes from 2002-2004
-- He owned Global Equations LLC from 2003-2011
-- President and Partner of Avasense/ Avasant LLC as of 2010 till now.

Anupam's Business Ventures

-- He is the co-founder of Global Equations LLC serving as the Executive officer. He has a successful track record with advising several areas on how to policies, incentives, developing infrastructure, ICT and BPO industry strategies.
-- He is the co-founder and Director of Inventes Inc. and 2i Capital. The first of these investments was Igate Ventures, a $75M investment arm of Igate Corp.
-- He is a co-founder of Ipsofacto Consulting and Thinknotes Inc., and has helped manage the software integration and services through both companies.
-- He is a renowned and sought-after speaker. He has organized several conferences on venture capital, technology and outsourcing.
-- He has contributed to several publications and still does so to date. Notably, he is the author of the best-seller "Six Billion Minds: Managing Outsourcing in a Global Knowledge Economy" a book on globalization.
-- He supports and is part of the advisory boards for various non-profit firms such as ASSET Foundation an Art of Living Foundation.
-- He is recognized as a supporter of the digital globalization initiative and is active in many organizations that lead up to the global services sector.
-- He is the founding member of the TriSCA (TriCity Sister Alliance) which focuses on the technology and economic collaboration of Pune, Johannesburg and Rio de Janeiro.
-- He provides investment and globalization strategies to private firms and governments in over 40 countries including Dubai, Colombia and Trinidad, among others. This stems from the "over 25 years of experience" he has "with global corporations, service providers and PE firms, advising on strategic sourcing, global expansion and cross-border M&A."

What Do they Say about Anupam?

-- One of Anupam's former work colleague, Asier Peña Zarraga, is quoted, saying “Anupam is a detail-oriented manager who watches the balance sheet like a hawk without ever losing sight of the strategic objective” -- Nearshore Americas has consistently categorized Anupam among the top 30 Industry Executives.

ANUPAM'S Accomplishments/SuccessES

-- According to Nearshore Americas, Mr. Anupam was listed as the most influential professional on the Nearshore’s list of the 50 most powerful professionals in 2011
-- Mr. Anupam provides BPO and ICT sector development and investment strategies for emerging regions. He is known as an outsourcing professional in the Industry.
-- He has served as a keynote speaker at several IT conferences and events. For example, in 2017, he was the moderator for the first and only discussion of “The Caribbean Association of Investment Promotion Agencies in association with the Caribbean Export Development Agency” conference in Jamaica. Also, in November 2017, he initiated an investment forum, "The Center for Facilitation of Investments in Haiti (CFI), in collaboration with the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) and Avasant."
-- He also chairs New York’s Global Sourcing Forum and frequently contributes at CFO, CIO, Outsourcing industries, offline insight providers and leading online websites.
-- He is identified as the go-to person to a number of firms, including service providers, buyer organizations and regional/national governments in terms of inwards investment and outsourcing deals.
-- He is the president of Avasant which is a next-generation research, events and consulting firm with clients globally, spanning across the private, public, and non-profit sectors.


There is virtually no information in the public domain about Anupam's failures. That is largely because his business ventures have been very successful and his career and personal life seems to get better by the day.


The most outstanding personal trait that is repeatedly mentioned by his peers (and the press) is his passionate dedication to excellence in whatever he does. Aside from that, he has been described as sociable, generous (as is attested by his non-profitable ventures), down-to-earth and open-minded, making him the go-to person that has seen him network with many multicultural business associates, both locally and globally. Not much is said about his personal life, but those close to him say he is a family-oriented person, which is the reason he likes keeping his family life away from the public.


According to, dated April 19th 2016, Anupam was appointed as a board member (advisory) for the Sourcing Industry Group (SIG). On the day of his appointment, Mr. Anupam gave a speech on how honored he is to be a new member of SIG. He talked about what is required for one to be able to qualify for the SIG’s board. He also pledged his loyalty to SIG with the hopes of helping with the programs and services, challenges and opportunities in order to produce the best of generation of sourcing professionals. Here is a selected quote from that speech: “It is an honor to become a Member of SIG’s Advisory Board. As the global sourcing industry shifts gears to re-align with the new digital enabled economy, SIG must be a leader in helping members understand how to design, build, implement and optimize global business services relationships leveraging digital innovation”

Interview on Artificial Intelligence, 2016: In this interview, Payal Bhattar of Ping Network interviewed Mr. Anupam on digital technology. Mr. Anupam gives differences in digital technology. He also touches on A1 robots and the potential developments of the robots such as robots that will be seen shopping in malls thus making work easier for humans. He also discusses the challenges in the digital enterprises.

Favorite Subjects of Interest: "Strategy, Consulting and Advisory services - Digital Transformation, Automation, Globalization, Global Sourcing, BPO, Cross-border M&A, Call centers, IT services, Private equity, Technology, Investment and Business strategy."


Twitter Account Twitter handle: @AnupamGovil
His tweets are mostly about Avant and other related businesses. He also uses Twitter account to give information about his events, conferences and speeches.

LinkedIn Account
Name: Anupam Govil
He mostly uses his LinkedIn account to follow key industry influencers like Deepak Chopra MD and Richard Branson, and follow social pages such as CNNMoney, BBC News, Financial Times, Havard Business, Impact Sourcing and Global Entry Program, among others.


As has been extensively detailed above, Anupam is well-respected business guru with a lot of influence in the business, engineering and digital industries. Through his discussed solid educational background in the fields of engineering and computer science, along with his experience in the digital world, testimonials from peers and the press; I hope you have enough information to go by as a background for the business partnership discussion.