Ultimate Kronos Group (UKG) Research

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Ultimate Kronos Group (UKG) Research

Key Takeaways

  • UKG was founded in 2020 as a result of the merger of Ultimate Software and Kronos Incorporated.
  • The company rebranded to Ultimate Kronos Group (UKG) on October 1, 2020.
  • UKG has over 13,500 employees, and generated revenue of $3.3 billion in FY 2021.


  • This reports include the description and history of UKG, recent news on company hires and a high level overview of the company's products and solutions.

Ultimate Kronos Group


  • Ultimate Kronos Group (UKG) is a global provider of human capital management, payroll, HR service delivery, and workforce management solutions. The company was founded in 2020 as a result of the merger of Ultimate Software and Kronos Incorporated; both companies announced they agreed to form a new cloud computing venture specializing in workforce management and human capital management.
  • On August 28, 2020, Ultimate Software and Kronos Incorporated rebranded to Ultimate Kronos Group (UKG) which became effective on October 1, 2020.
  • Over 13,500 employees work for the company, which serves customers in 165 countries.
  • UKG is headquartered in Weston, Florida, US, and generated revenue of $3.3 billion in FY 2021.



UKG Dimensions

  • UKG Dimensions offers AI-powered workforce solutions with customized industry experiences, all built on an intelligent platform that provides operational insights that empower employees.
  • Modern cloud solutions, intelligent recommendations, and purpose-built functionality and expertise that meet complex industry-specific requirements are among the solutions available.

UKG Ready

  • UKG Ready solutions combine HR, talent, payroll, and time management into a single solution to provide a modern, personalized experience that boosts efficiency and reduces compliance risks.
  • Industry best practices solutions and a flexible customer experience are all part of the solution.

UKG HR Delivery Service

  • The UKG HR Service Delivery platform is tailored to meet the specific and evolving needs of today's HR teams.
  • From a single platform that integrates with any HRIS, the solution automates almost any manual process, responds to employee requests, actively manages all employee documents, and tracks effectiveness with simplified, visualized analytics.

UKG TeleStaff

  • The UKG TeleStaff automated scheduling and notification solution helps public safety agencies balance the needs of the communities they serve with the needs of the workforce responsible for ensuring citizen safety — all while automating it all on a single platform.

Industry Solutions

  • Industry workforce management and HR solutions from UKG provide purpose-built technology with the power and capability to support any organization, regardless of location or industry.

Specialty Solutions

  • UKG's specialty products are tailored to meet the human capital management and workforce management needs of customers in a variety of industries.
  • The specialty products include workforce planner, UKG EZCall, UKG GovTA, Kronos virtual roster, Kronos pit manager, Kronos task management, Kronos benefits center, UKG clinical scheduling extensions.

Recent News

UKG Hires Hugo Sarrazin as Chief Product Officer

  • Hugo Sarrazin was hired as chief product officer by UKG on September 21, 2021. Sarrazin will be responsible for the overall UKG product direction, strategy, and future roadmap, as well as user experience, engineering, and cloud operations, as the new chief product officer.

UKG Welcomes Brian Reaves as Chief Belonging, Diversity, and Equity Officer

  • Brian Reaves became the UKG's chief belonging, diversity, and equity officer on May 3, 2021. Reaves will oversee the company's global efforts in belonging, diversity, and equity, building on existing initiatives while working to strengthen a culture based on trust, fairness, and equality so that everyone can succeed in their careers.

UKG Expands Board of Directors

  • UKG announced the addition of four new members to its board of directors on May 24, 2021: Melissa Thomas-Hunt, Airbnb's global head of diversity and belonging; Jennifer Morgan, Blackstone's head of portfolio operations; Pat Wadors, Procore Technologies' chief people officer; and Timothy Campos, Woven's chief executive officer.

Research Strategy

To provide the requested information on UKG, we combed through the most reputable sources which include the company's websites, business databases, and articles by industry experts. Forbes, Craft, Reuters, Crunchbase are among the sources we combed through.

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