Blockchain Sports Betting Exchange Competitive Analysis

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Blockchain Sports Betting Exchange Competitive Analysis

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We have provided a competitive analysis of the following crypto-based sports betting exchanges: Divvy, Hedgehog, Foresight, Augur, Degens, SportX, Fairlay,, Wager, and BetDEX. We have also provided some news items, articles, interviews, media coverage, and industry reports on the crypto-based/blockchain sports betting exchange space in the last 12-24 months.










Recent Press

1. The Next Frontier For US Sports Betting Is Crypto And Blockchain Technology

  • Summary: This Forbes article explores the continued penetration of blockchain betting exchanges in the US, with Wyoming being the latest state to accept regulated sports betting.
  • Crypto-based betting exchange mentioned: None.

2. How Blockchain Betting Technology Is Bringing The Power Back To The Bettors

  • Summary: How blockchain is disrupting the sports betting industry dominated by large online sports betting companies. Blockchain technology is democratizing the space by bringing power back to the bettors and could lead "to an entire betting universe where self-regulated organizations are operated autonomously, independently, and democratically on the open blockchain is here to challenge the status quo of the large betting organizations."
  • Exchanges mentioned:

3. How Blockchain Can Provide a Crucial Solution to the Sports Betting Transparency Problem

  • Summary: This article on Crypto News explores the critical role blockchain technology can play in solving the transparency problem in the sports betting industry.
  • Exchanges mentioned: Betswap.

4. Decentralized Sports Betting Can Be a Lucrative Hobby

  • Summary: This article presents the idea of decentralized betting as a hobby.
  • Exchanges mentioned: Betswap.

5. Wild PlayUp Case Shows Blockchain-Gambling Convergence on Horizon

  • Summary: Wild PlayUp, a sports betting company, filed a restraining order on its former CEO for sabotaging the company's $450 million sale. The article discusses blockchain and gambling convergence as a future aspect of the betting industry.

6. Former FanDuel Executives Raise $21 Million Seed Round For Nascent Sports Betting Exchange

  • This Forbes article reports that former FanDuel founders and executives had raised $21 million for BetDEX, a nascent sports betting exchange.
  • Exchanges mentioned: BetDEX.

7. The First Decentralized Betting Exchange

  • This article from News BTC discusses Betswap as the first decentralized betting exchange.
  • Exchanges mentioned: Betswap.

8. Exodus wallet integrates with SportX to enable esports betting with crypto

  • Summary: Exodus Wallet, a cryptocurrency wallet, announced a partnership with SportX, a crypto-based betting exchange that "gives Exodus’ more than 1 million users access to SportX’s decentralized betting exchange where they can place bets on a wide range of sports and esports games using cryptocurrency."
  • Exchanges mentioned: SportX.

9. How CHPZ Token is Powering Decentralized Sport Betting

  • Summary: This article discusses the Chipz platform as an entrant to the crypto-based sports betting space powered by its own CHPZ token, giving users the power to be either bookmakers or bidders.
  • Exchanges mentioned: Chipz.

10. Solana-Based Prediction Market Uses DeFi Yields to Finance ‘No Loss’ Betting

  • Summary: This article discusses how Hedgehog DeFi Yields to Finance ‘No Loss’ Betting.
  • Exchange mentioned: Hedgehog.

11. There’s a New Leader in the Sports Gaming World

  • Summary: This piece explores Betswap as a leader and disruptor of the sports gaming industry.
  • Exchange mentioned: Betswap.

12. Crypto Venue for Bets on Trump, JLo and Covid Faces U.S. Probe

  • Summary: Polymarket, a decentralized betting exchange on current events, faces a probe by a top Wall Street Regulator.
  • Exchange mentioned: Polymarket.

Other Press Articles

13. Why dealmaking in the sports betting and online gambling world is currently insane

Research Strategy

To provide the competitive analysis, we searched through the companies' websites and social media platforms, as well as third-party sources such as Crunchbase and For recent press articles, we leveraged cryptocurrency news sources such as Crypto News, News BTC, and other news publications such as Forbes, Fortune, and Business Insider.

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