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Analytics tools that are tailored around conversations in the customer service industry include: Top Box,, Lexalytics,, EpiAnalytics, Clarabridge, Woveon, Conversus, and All these platforms provide detailed consumer insights by analyzing the consumer conversations across multiple channels. Also, these platforms utilize advanced technologies like Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), and Natural Language Processing (NLP).

Top Box

  • Topbox curates and contextualizes millions of conversations to give provide deep customer insights for a company of brand.
  • Topbox uses AI-backed natural language processing technology to listen and analyze data across chat sessions, call recordings, verbatim comments, emails, survey, social media mentions, in-app communications, among others.
  • Top Box features AI-on-the-Fly feature to add value to any analysis by serving up interesting words and phrases determined to be relevant and potentially important. Further, the platform's Search & Discovery module gives users both textual and visual search capability for multi-dimensional searches across millions of interactions.

  • Sayint provides critical insights by capturing, analyzing, and transforming customer conversations.
  • The platform claims to increase sales conversion by 21%, customer satisfaction score by 26%, agent performance by 30%.
  • Sayint enables the companies to audit 100% of conversations. It also captures key industry metrics like C-SAT, NPS and CES.
  • The platform captures data from multiple sources like web, social, email, chat and contact center; next, the platform uses automated speech recognition for data; lastly, the platform derives actionable insights straight from the conversations.


  • Lexalytics uses machine learning and NLP technology to analyze and transform hashtags, grammar, comments, reviews, surveys, and slang into structured data and provide useful insights.
  • Clients integrate the NLP APIs into their social listening product to generate insights about their customers.
  • Lexalytics provides voice-of-employee analytics platform to process, analyze, and understand text-based feedback from employees.
  • The platform enables the customers to understand how people perceive and interact with brands, products, and services.
  • Some clients of Lexalytics include GoodData, Hootsuite, Falcon.IO, Satmetrix.

  • The cognitive computing platform helps transform unstructured data into understandable graphical insights.
  • The TEXSIE platform uses proprietary algorithms to perform sentiments analysis, language detection, name matching, document categorization, and more.
  • The platform uses AI, ML, and NLP technology for information extraction, classification, analysis, discovery, summarization, named entity recognition, and sentiment analysis.
  • The platform currently offers services for finance and insurance companies only.


  • EpiAnalytics provides text analytics solutions to analyze customer feedback from existing sources, like surveys, emails, social media, and call center data.
  • The platform provides actionable intelligence for business workflow automation. EpiAnalytics use Machine Learning, AI, and NLP technology for data processing.
  • The platform enables sales team to dig through the text of emails, match support requests with correct resources, respond to customers automatically, determine customer sentiment, and understand how customers think about the brand or service.
  • Some notable clients of EpiAnalytics include Sales Force, Microsoft, Astadia, Intelisys, etc.


  • Clarabridge uses AI-technology to analyze every call, chat, tweet, post, comment, conversation, and sentence for a brand.
  • The machine learning platform makes use of smart algorithms to discover the customers' emotion, effort, sentiment, behavior, and intent.
  • Clarabridge features 89% renewal rates, 130 pre-built industry models, and 100% of customer touchpoints. Some notable clients for the platform are: Unilever, EBay, GE Healthcare, ADP, etc.


  • Woveon generates data analytics by analyzing billions of customer interactions and conversations. The platform aggregates data from CRM, sales, support, and customer service team to provide insights about the entire customer journey from start to finish.
  • The platform enables to track multichannel data about customer conversation and interaction; it helps to identify the most effective channels for sales, inquiries or marketing.
  • Woveon documents the entire customer journey from start to completion to analyze interactions like what was said, who, when and why.
  • The platform enables to create personalized customer cohorts for SMS, chats, emails and social channels. This enables to integrate and analyze millions of customer conversations.


  • Conversus is a Machine Learning-as-a-Service Platform designed to offer data scientists and analysts with consumer insights about social and voice data. Further, the platform allows for immediate deployment to social listening and business intelligence platforms.
  • The platform is able to predict the brand metrics up to 12 weeks in advance. Conversus enhances the existing social listening capabilities and voice-of-customer initiatives for the company.
  • The platform has shown to increase sentiment precision from 60% to 90%, and relevancy of data sets from 30% to over 80%.
  • Conversus enables the users to build custom tags for social listening like advocacy, customer care, and customer experience.

  • is an enterprise conversational platform that uses AI-enabled cognitive bots to automate customer and employee support services.
  • The platform offers graphical analysis of customer conversation across multiple channels like Facebook Messenger, Slack, Amazon Alexa, Whatapp, Google Home, Line, Cortana, Twilio, among others.
  • Cognigy features automated conversation regression testing, micro-services architecture for scalability, cloud server deployment, third-party integration, and multiple language support.
  • Some notable clients for the platform include Daimler, ARAG, Bosch, Henkel, etc.

Research Strategy

We began our search, to understand the definition and ascertain the scope of classification for Conversation Analytics Tools. We found that Conversation Analytics (CA) is defined as detailed examination of conversations between two or more people to generate insights about the structure, words used, emotions, and outcomes. Further, a combination of text analysis, AI, and machine learning delivers granular conversation insights like sentiment, conversational patterns, interactions, among others.
Next, we studied the sites for MonkeyLearn and Luminoso to identify the platform's features, services, and technologies. We found that both the platforms offer only text conversation analytics services, instead of voice-based services like live or recorded call processing. Further, we were able to understand that both platforms collected data from multiple sources like emails, reviews, support tickets, NPS feedback, social media, consumer surveys, etc. Also, these platforms featured AI, NLP, and Machine Learning technology to analyze the data and generate a consumer sentiments analysis report.

To identify some notable players operating in the market of conversation analytics, we searched through multiple industry listings, media publications, and software review sites like Capterra, G2 Crowd, PAT Research, Forrester, Analytics India Magazine, among others. We were able to gather a list of over 50 leading conversation analytics platforms using the above methodology.

Next, we began identifying the relevant platforms that can analyze customer sentiments, reviews, comments, or mentions on the internet. Further, we shortlisted the platforms that include at least three or more of the following features: Text analytics, listens to social media, gathers brand feedback, manages brand reputation, observes consumer sentiment, integrates with multiple platforms, classify's data tags, provides data visualization, generates marketing metrics, supports multiple languages, makes use of AI, NLP, or machine learning technology. Alternatively, we excluded the platforms that offered services for voice data only; unlike text conversation analytics service provided by MonkeyLearn and Luminoso.

We were able to ascertain our findings, by studying each platform's website, core services, client profiles, value proposition, and technology use. For each company identified in this research, they offer personalized insights about conversation analytics by studying the brand data across all available online sources like social media, chats, surveys, emails, CRMs, review sites, etc.

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  • "Topbox's Customer Experience Analytics software is the only solution to aggregate conversational data from every customer interaction for deep analysis. Everywhere your customers talk to or about your company, Topbox is listening with AI-backed natural language processing. "
  • "Topbox leverages NLP (natural language processing), a proprietary classification model, and artificial intelligence to perform analytics across chat sessions, call recordings, emails, survey verbatim comments, social media comments and replies, in-app communications, and more."
  • "Sayint uncovers valuable performance metrics for the sales team to identify knowledge and training gaps, script adherence, talk-over analysis, objection handling and other micro metrics to enable sales teams to track, engage and close deals better."
  • "Sayint helps organizations audit 100% of conversations as opposed to 2-3% which is the industry standard. The platform also alerts relevant teams about potential threats and breaches and helps reduce the risk of penalties. This makes compliance documentation and proofing becomes easy."
  • "From capturing key metrics like C-SAT, NPS and CES based on industry benchmarks to showing customer journey reviews from disparate data sources and proactively engaging with relevant services, Sayint takes a holistic approach. It goes beyond surveys and objectively scores every customer interaction and identifies intent, sentiment and overall journey satisfaction."
  • "Sayint helps monitor the quality of interactions between organizations and their customers and automatically creates scorecards to identify training and knowledge gaps. It also provides in-depth insights to consistently improve agent performance which directly impacts customer satisfaction, retention and brand reputation."
  • "Text Analytics is the automated analysis and mining of text. When applied to unstructured feedback (also known as open-ended feedback), it provides the ability to extract insights about trends, patterns and customer sentiment for the purpose of identifying and prioritizing ways to optimize the customer experience."
  • "It provides a clear window into the minds of customers, and can help fill in the gaps and make your Structured Feedback more powerful."
  • "Uncover context-rich patterns and insights hidden within mountains of social comments, surveys, reviews, and any other text documents. See who’s talking, what they’re talking about, how they feel, and why"
  • "With the help of Machine Learning, Artificial Intelligence, and Natural Language Processing ability, Stride transforms unstructured data into graphic patterns and a structured format in order to easily understand customer behavior. Our intelligence process automation is an ideal tool for Financial Institutions that need to anlayze very large volumes of data."
  • "Stride's TEXSIE platform provides advanced analytics using some of our very own proprietary algorithms to provide sentiment analysis, name matching, language detection and translation, categorization of documents and more."
  • "Understand what your customers say about your company or your product on social media and review forums. With the help of Natural Language Processing you can now extract information relating to your brand, know the intensity of customer likes or dislikes on a 10 point scale and monitor your competition and the sentiment analysis of their customers. "
  • "Sentiment analysis showcases your customer’s opinions of your brand, it does tell you what your customers are really talking about. Subjective Sentiment Analysis reveals the keywords that are most used by your customers relative to your brand."
  • "Sometimes what customers say need not necessarily be what they mean. Therefore, it can be complex to understand and analyze data to really know what your customers want. With the help of Semantic Similarity you can now identify relationships or connections that bind different words. "
  • "Our solutions include : Information Extraction and Analysis, Information Classification, Information Discovery, Summarization and Sentiment Analyzer."
  • "EpiAnalytics provides transformative text analytics solutions to turn customer complaints and feedback from existing corporate sources, such as surveys, emails, social media, and call center data, into actionable intelligence for decision support and business workflow automation."
  • "Companies need to monitor customer conversations about their service, products, and brands across multiple sources to gain a competitive advantage. Companies in turn use this operational intelligence to gain a competitive advantage, manage customer perceptions and increase customer satisfaction."
  • "By leveraging the power of the Salesforce Marketing Cloud, partners such as EpiAnalytics are empowering companies to turn insights from millions of conversations about their products, brand and industry into actions that strengthen customer relationships"
  • "Speak to your global customers in their language using a survey platform that supports 35 languages"
  • "Put one JavaScript code onto your website to manage all your surveys, comment cards and invitation triggers."
  • "Sayint essentially functions on 3 levels. The first is to gather 100% of customer conversations from multiple sources including web, social, email, chat and contact centre."
  • "The second step involves the automated speech recognition of the audio data and then processing analytics on all data."
  • "The third step is how these actionable insights, derived straight out of conversations can be delivered which would create a positive impact for the organization. The delivery mechanisms include custom dashboards specific to stakeholders, voice bots, chatbots, email automation bots and RPA."
  • "The most common applications of natural language processing fall into three broad categories: Social Media Monitoring, Customer Experience Management and Voice of Customer, and People Analytics and Voice of Employee."
  • "Lexalytics uses natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning to transform mountains of hashtags, slang, and poor grammar into structured data and useful insights."
  • "Data analysts upload, process and analyze mountains of social text data in our platform to understand the conversations surrounding products, brands, people and services. "
  • "Technology companies integrate our NLP APIs into their social listening product to deliver better insights to their own customers."
  • "Voice of Customer tools like the Lexalytics Intelligence Platform use natural language processing and sentiment analysis to transform customer feedback into structured data and useful insights at scale."
  • "We help you understand how people perceive and interact with your brands, products, and services, so you can make better decisions and recommendations across your company."
  • "sayint is an AI-based conversational analytics solution, helps you to uncover valuable insights to improve agent performance, enhance customer satisfaction and drive operational efficiencies.Sayint can analyze both real-time and historical communications across ( Voice , chat , email & Social fields )"
  • "MonkeyLearn is an AI platform that allows you analyze text with Machine Learning to automate business workflows and save hours of manual data processing."
  • "Conversus.AI™ is the game changer in social listening that puts YOU in control of your data quality. This Machine Learning-as-a-Service Platform is designed for data scientists and general analysts alike to put the immense power of machine learning to work on your social and voice of customer data, allowing for immediate deployment into many leading social listening, management, and business intelligence platforms. "
  • "Luminoso Analytics applies artificial intelligence (AI) and natural language understanding (NLU) to accurately analyze text-based data for any industry without lengthy setup time or training. Luminoso Analytics allows clients to easily upload, process, analyze, and visualize batches or streams of unstructured data."
  • "Salience is a text analytics engine that integrate with users application or put behind firewall."
  • "Support all languages through language-independent, generalized natural language technology that offers best-in-class performance in German, Spanish, Dutch and many more languages."
  • "Understand what your users are saying with patent-pending innovations and deep learning based algorithms that deliver industry-leading performance."
  • "Conversational experiences are enriched by the data they access, regardless of whether the data lives in CRMs, ERPs, RPA or other systems. Integrate with these third-party data sources directly within the conversation through Cognigy.AI’s integration capabilities."
  • "Develop conversational experiences across a wide range of voice and text channels, including Facebook Messenger, Amazon Alexa, Google Home, Twilio and many more. Make use of Cognigy’s built-in webchat to deploy Cognigy.AI to your website with ease. Create a consistent user experience by keeping conversation context across channels."
  • "Your customers are constantly giving you feedback through a plethora of channels. The explosion of these channels and the sheer volume of data creates challenges. Powered by AI and machine learning, Clarabridge can help you make sense of it all."
  • "Every call, every chat, every tweet, every post, every comment, every conversation, every sentence. EVERY WORD. Every customer interaction presents an opportunity; don't miss a single one."
  • "Let AI, machine learning and smart algorithms make sense of your big data challenge. Extract customer emotion, effort, sentiment, and intent. Discover insights; predict behavior; recommend action."
  • "Woveon pulls together all the data analytics for the billions of customer interactions and conversations into one place. We also aggregate CRM, Sales, Support customer data so your teams can measure the entire customer journey from start to finish."
  • "Track and report on multichannel behavioral, interaction and conversation data. Identify and measure the most effective customer channels and implement changes to optimize for sales, inquiries or marketing."
  • "Create powerful dashboards for all the customer conversations coming in for sales, marketing, and support. Consolidate external analytics and reports using the Woveon API, IT departments no longer need to spend days connecting past customer conversations and transactions from different channels."
  • "Create multi-channel customer segmentation to understand different dimensions for sales, support, and inquiries. Create customer cohorts for SMS, chats, emails and social channels. Millions of customer conversations are stitched together seamlessly. Report on the right information about the customer at the right time."
  • "Conversation analytics is the detailed examination and evaluation of live or recorded phone conversations between two or more people. It uses technology to capture the conversation and generate reports on the structure, words used, emotions, and outcomes."
  • "Conversation analytics software is typically comprised of multiple components. First, it captures dialogue via call recording, then uses speech-to-text technology to deliver transcriptions of these calls. "
  • "A combination of text analysis, AI, and machine learning help to give granular insight into the conversation, such as sentiment, conversational patterns, interactions, and so on."
  • "Introducing Conversus.AI™, the industry’s most powerful AI technology for social and voice-of-customer data. Separate the meaningful signals from the vast noise. Accelerate your time-to-insight. And finally, unlock the full value of social data for your enterprise."
  • "Improve sentiment precision from an average of 60% to 90%+. Improve relevancy of data sets from the industry average of 15-30% to more than 80%. Get analysis at the target or facet level to understand key opinion drivers."
  • "Report on social metrics with confidence with clear transparency in the accuracy of analysis, such as sentiment and emotion. Take control of your data quality - utilizing confidence scores associated with analysis of each social media post."
  • "Conversus can be used in conjunction with most social listening platforms. Alternatively, our team can assist in data collection and analysis - providing a full-service solution."
  • "Conversus.AI helps unlock the full value of this data through an easy-to-use machine learning platform built upon the industry’s largest training set to enhance new and existing social listening and related voice-of-customer initiatives. Human level precision, custom classifiers, emotion, and much more. It starts where basic text analytics stop for superior insights and predictive uses."
  • "Multiple third party peer reviewed studies have shown that Conversus.AI produced social data can not only tell you what happened, but can predict what’s coming next. Make the move from qualitative to quantitative. Predict your traditional brand trackers up to 12 weeks in advance. "
  • "Get insights from every conversation with and about your company."
  • "The millions of customer conversations happening organically across communication channels represent a superior data set for this purpose. Topbox curates and contextualizes all those conversations to give you the customer insights you’re looking for."
  • "Topbox sits on top of all your customer communication platforms to provide a single view of all customer conversations and comments, normalizing and classifying the data for comprehensive CX analysis."
  • "Woveon Conversational technology that absorbs & analyzes billions of conversations, giving you unrivalled business intelligence to win."
  • "Sayint Smart insights from Conversation"
  • "Cognigy Conversational AI Platform used to develop, deploy and run conversational AIs on any conversational channel with no coding needed."
  • "Every channel is important. Topbox provides a comprehensive solution that sits atop a fragmented customer communication ecosystem to create a unified view of the customer, delivering the insights that allow a business to truly differentiate on customer experience."
  • "With Topbox, users can harness the collective power of every customer communication channel using what Forrester calls “agnostic aggregation” of disparate data from different point solutions: call recordings, chat transcripts, emails, social media, surveys, reviews, in-app communications, web feedback and more."
  • "Topbox’s classification model is the primary cog in our analytics engine. We’ve taken a vertical approach to our modeling that provides off-the-shelf classification tagging based on the applicable industry of each client, and even includes a client-specific layer for product names and other unique nomenclature."
  • "Our AI-on-the-Fly feature will add value to any analysis by serving up interesting words and phrases (n-grams) determined by our platform to be relevant and potentially important to a data set."
  • "Our Search & Discovery module is the centerpiece of the application and gives users both textual and visual search and discovery capability for multi-dimensional searches across millions of interactions using any search criteria. "
  • "The Topbox platform is hosted through Amazon Web Services. It is PCI certified, SOC Type 2 certified, HIPAA compliant and GDRP compliant. Our client’s data is encrypted in transit and at rest. Needless to say, we take data security very seriously. "