Analysis of Specific ZIP Codes

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Analysis of Specific ZIP Codes

Key Takeaways

  • There are 200 restaurants in the 92395 zip code.
  • 89 restaurants do not currently use DoorDash.
  • 16 multi family residential properties were located that do not have an Amazon service installed.


Restaurants that are not members of DoorDash and multi-family residential units were located for 92395 in this test run. They are contained in this spreadsheet. There are three separate tabs entitled, restaurants, DoorDash, and multi-family residential. The DoorDash tab is simply a list of restaurants that have agreements with DoorDash in the 92395 zip code. The process for obtaining the results is explained in the research strategy below.


  • To determine which restaurants in the 92395 zip code had DoorDash, the following process was used:
  • Google Maps was used to pull up all restaurants in the 92395 zip code. Google Maps is not a static map and presents 20 restaurants at a time. Each time the user goes to the next page of results, the map moves ever so slightly. To account for the fact that some restaurants might have been missed due to the map moving, the complete search was run two times to ensure that every effort was made to locate every restaurant.
  • Once the list of restaurants was created and placed into a spreadsheet, addresses were double-checked to ensure they were all in the correct zip code.
  • Next, a complete list of restaurants in the zip code was obtained from DoorDash and compared to the list of restaurants obtained from Google Maps.
  • Restaurants are included in alphabetical order in the spreadsheet. If they do not have DoorDash, the website and telephone number is included for each restaurant. During research, it was noted that virtually none of the restaurants noted who the owner was, therefore, the direct phone number to the restaurant ended up being the most reliable way to contact each place.
  • For each restaurant, we first ascertained if there was a website. If so, it was included. If the restaurant did not have a website, their Yelp or Facebook profile was included in order to provide the most information about the restaurant.

Multi-Family Residential Properties

  • To locate multi-family residential properties, a similar strategy was used. The process began by looking at Google Maps for multi-family properties. Then the search expanded to apartments, and senior living.
  • At this point, still needing to find properties, research pivoted to look at apartments on and Apartment Guide.
  • For each property located, it was verified that they did not have an Amazon device installed.
  • Once the list was curated, then contact information was located. To obtain this information we first looked for a company website. If this was not available, the research expanded to look at Facebook, and finally apartment/home rental sites.
    • Many properties have multiple phone numbers.
    • Not all properties shared an email address, but instead preferred to be contacted through the contact form on their website or through their listing website, like
    • Very few properties actually shared a contact name, but instead stated to contact the company.
  • During this test process it was realized that one of the biggest restraints would be locating smaller, privately owned properties. When these properties were actually located many were only named by their address and had not been claimed on Google, making it virtually impossible to contact them. Further complicating this process was that if the property did not have any available rentals, the listing website blocks their phone number. If additional research is performed for these types of properties, it needs to be known that the results will consist of larger complexes owned by companies rather than private owners.
  • Sixteen properties were located, but two of them, which were smaller properties, do not have contact information due to the property not being available for rent at this time. They were included in case they would open up and the phone number be available. Two additional properties were located in the 92345 and included in case they are of interest.

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