Alternative Energy Sources

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Alternative Energy Sources

Green Mountain Energy and Griddy Energy offer two very different options to consumers to meet their energy needs. Little has been said in Texas about Green Mountain Energy. The unpredictable nature of the commodities markets has seen some discussion around whether Griddy Energy's wholesale pricing model does result in lower energy costs.

Green Mountain Energy — Texas

  • Green Mountain Energy has been supplying solar and wind energy in Texas, Pennsylvania, Illinois, Maryland, Masschetutus, New York, and New Jersey for the last 20 years.
  • Consumer Affairs has seventy reviews of Green Mountain. The company only rates one and a half out of five based on the reviews. One of the main concerns for consumers is the sudden increase in rates once the initial contract period comes to an end.
  • The expert review on the Consumer Affairs site noted their use of renewable energy sources, rates, plans, and fees. They recommended Green Energy as a good fit for small, medium, and large businesses.
  • Green Mountain Energy is on social media. Its Facebook account has 25,201 followers. The account is not specific to the Texas customer base. Their stated mission is "To use the power of consumer change to change how power is made."
  • On 17 December 2019, they posted an article thanking the University of Texas for allowing them to bring the first Gold Certified Leed Building to life at the University.
  • They get very little public engagement in their posts, with the majority of the recent posts emphasizing a word to do with renewable energy.
  • Green Mountain Energy is also on Twitter, where they have 7,293 followers. The account mirrors their Facebook account, again with very little consumer engagement.
  • The company is also on LinkedIn, where it has 8,557 followers. They provide semi-regular updates, which range from holiday greetings to tips for sustainable gifts.
  • A search for recent media articles regarding Green Mountain Energy was relatively benign. There are several press releases from the company itself, detailing successful renewable energy projects worked on with local partners at around three-month intervals.
  • On the Green Mountain Energy website, the company hosts its won blog. The blog emphasizes the company's commitment to renewable energy by posting a range of articles discussing green issues. There is the occasional article relating to energy issues, but the majority of the items are general in nature.
  • Although it related to their Vermont operation, not Texas, Green Mountain Energy did receive some press last year that reported they were not scaling up fast enough, with only 3% of customers having access to the on-bill on lease energy savings devices.

Griddy Energy

  • Griddy Energy presents a different model of energy consumption to the consumer, as the first supplier of wholesale energy in Texas. Consumers are connected directly to the grid and pay the wholesale price for electricity. A monthly subscription charge is paid to Griddy Energy for grid access.
  • Unfortunately, the review of Griddy Energy on the Compare Power Website is not favorable. The article was critical of the prices quoted, arguing that most companies in Texas charge a rate lower than the 11.3 cents/KW quoted by Griddy Energy. It also noted that fixed price companies purchased power in advance, which offered stability and predictability, while Griddy Energy operated in real-time, so it was subject to market fluctuations.
  • The media reported in August 2019 that high wholesale prices had impacted on Griddy customers, many of whom failed to understand that commodity price fluctuations would influence their power charges.
  • It was reported in May 2019 that Griddy Energy had signed a strategic partnership with EDF Group, a global leader in low carbon technologies. This will enable Griddy Energy to offer wholesale energy to more areas.
  • Griddy Energy has 7,521 followers on Facebook. Due to its pricing model, the majority of the posts relate to changes in market prices and a range of energy-saving tips. There is considerable engagement on some posts, primarily comments expressing views on the current situation. Many are not favorable.
  • The company has 985 followers of its Twitter account, which has similar content to their Facebook account, without the same level of engagement.