Alcohol/Beverage Brands Social Media Community Management: Case Study

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Alcohol/Beverage Brands Social Media Community Management: Case Study

Four marketing agencies that help alcohol/beverage brands manage their social media platforms include ICUC, Firebelly Marketing, Sociallyin, and Big Spoon Co. ICUC offers full-service social media management, including community management, strategy, review management, social listening & reporting, moderation, and social content.

Social Media Community Management Case Study

1. La Croix

Social Media Community Management Best Practice

1. Timely Posts and Response to Customer Inquiries
  • Knowing when best to post content to customers and also, timely responses to their questions is regarded as one of the best practices employed by alcohol brands, according to Rivaliq, Viral Nation, Hubspot, and The Social Element.
  • The Social Element opined that in a survey, “45% of consumers stated that social media is one of the first channels they go to when they have any questions or issues.”
  • A brand’s ability to quickly and effectively respond to customer inquiries can break its customer service reputation.
  • About 72% of people who complain about a brand expect a response in less than an hour. Also, “customers are more likely to buy from companies who provide them with a timely response.”
  • The Social Element suggests using social media management tools as a solution to timely response to inquiries.

Research Strategy

After an exhaustive search through the news reports, articles, publications, and case study databases such as Effie Worldwide and FeaturedCustomer, we were only able to provide one case study on the strategies employed by large alcohol/beverage brands for community management on their organic social platforms and paid social ads. As a result, we have provided one of the best practices employed by alcohol brands for successful social media community management.

Social Media Marketing Agencies - ICUC

Firebelly Marketing


Big Spoon Co.

Automated Response Tools

Five automated response tools that can integrate with Facebook digital ads include Autoresponder Bot, Chatdesk Teams,, Agora Pulse, and Hootsuite.

Autoresponder Bot

  • Autoresponder Bot is a cloud-based software that enables its users to instantly send customer replies to DMs to all comments across all Facebook posts and ads.
  • It also enables auto-reply in sequence to new messages received from the fan page based on keywords.
  • Facebook Autoresponder Bot can be structured to auto-reply to any fan page posts, including Facebook ads, dark posts, photo albums, boosted posts, videos, and photos.
  • Its features include 100% integration with Facebook, the ease of use, 24x7 operation (even when the system is off), personalized replies using keywords, Facebook contest module to enable tagging, and revisiting past posts.
  • Autoresponder Bot plans are charged as one-off payments. The Basic plan costs $39, Professional plan $69, and Elite plan $119.


  • Chatdesk creates software that enables companies to deliver better customer support, scale efficiently, and drive sales growth.
  • The Chatdesk Teams product enables its users to increase conversions by quickly responding to customers on Facebook and Instagram ads, chats, and emails.
  • The Chatdesk platform learns from the user's historical tickets through machine learning and allows for ticket customization. All that is required is to connect the user's channel to the Chatdesk portal.
  • Through its machine learning model, it provides a personalized response to posts on social media channels.
  • It has a record 15% increase in conversions on Facebook and Instagram Ads and functions 24x7 with 80% savings per ticket.
  • The Chatdesk Growth level plan costs $99 per month, while the Advanced plan costs $900 per month. Clients interested in the Enterprise plan are to contact the Chatdesk sales team.

Rocketbots (

  • claims to be the number one business messaging platform that allows users to receive customer messages via any channel and provides a 360° view to the user's team.
  • Its features include shared inbox to help collaborate and respond lightning-fast to messages, 360° customer view, easy chat automation such as tagging, assigning, or message response, and complete channel integrations.
  • A Facebook page and a Rocketbots account are required to set up Respond's Facebook auto-response. The setup steps are provided herein.
  • starting price is $29 per month and has an upper limit of $495+ per month.


  • AgoraPulse is regarded as the most comprehensive feature-set of all the social media automation tools.
  • It helps users plan and schedule content across six different social networks and also track performance, allow team collaboration, and permit scheduling content reposting time and time again.
  • Its social media inbox solution features an automated inbox assistant, instant alert about fans and followers, Facebook and Instagram ad comments management, real-time inbox management, and others.
  • AgoraPulse Facebook enables users reply to all Facebook page’s comments, private messages, page posts, ad comments, and reviews and also provide community management options.
  • Its subscription packages include Medium package $79, Large $159, X-Large $239, and Enterprise $399, billed annually, or Medium package $99, Large $199, X-Large $299, and Enterprise $499, billed monthly.


  • Hootsuite is regarded as one of the most vastly used social media automation tools. It gives users the ability to keep monitoring their brand and social media channels with its real-time updates.
  • With Hootsuite, users can grow their Facebook engagement and make publishing quick and effective through increasing post frequency and engagements, Facebook message scheduling, efficiently monitoring and responding to messages, and improved performance.
  • Hootsuite helps users create and launch/test ad campaigns quickly on Facebook, Instagram, and Google Ads within minutes and increase conversions by managing placement, timing, and targeted audiences.
  • Its pricing plan includes $19 per month for the professional plan, $99 per month for the team plan, $599 per month for the Business plan, and Enterprise plan based on request.

Social Listening and Community Management Tools

Five social listening and community management tools that can be leveraged by brands include HubSpot, Awario, Keyhole, Mention, and Brandwatch.



  • Awario is a social listening tool with building brand awareness as its focal point. It provides users with access to data that matters to their business, including customer insights, market, and competitors.
  • The platform offers a social selling tool as a free add-on to users known as Leads.
  • Awario's operation mechanism is based on crawling and indexing web data technology built into a powerful web search mechanism for businesses.
  • The tool employs Awario's predictive insight technology to identify people who are searching for recommendations about a product similar to that of the user or people looking for an alternative to the user's competitors.
  • Its features include Boolean search, powerful sentiment analysis, social media dashboard, location-based monitoring, social listening reports, Slack integration, topic cloud, and social listening API.
  • Awario's pricing plan includes $29 per month for the Starter package, $89 per month for the Pro plan, and $299 per month for the Enterprise plan. Alternatively, users can purchase an annual plan for $24 per month for the Starter package, $74 per month for the Pro plan, and $249 per month for the Enterprise plan.


  • Keyhole helps customers make better decisions with social media data. The company claims to be the #1 in the globe for Hashtag Analytics.
  • This is achieved through the accurate measurement of historical and real-time social media data and illustrating the information in simplified graphs and layouts that makes reporting and strategizing easy.
  • It allows users to automate posts and also track keywords or hashtags across Twitter and Instagram.
  • Keyhole's solutions include campaign monitoring, influencer marketing, event monitoring, brand monitoring, and market research.
  • Its features include hashtag analytics, social media reporting, Twitter historical data, social mention, keyword tracking, social media account monitoring, and social Media Analytics API.
  • Keyhole is offered to customers depending on the package. The different packages include Keyhole Suite (social listening & account analytics) at $59 per month, social listening & campaign tracking at $49 per month, and social media account analytics at $49 per month.


  • Mention is a social media and web monitoring tool that enables brands and agencies to listen to their audience, monitor the web, and manage social media.
  • Its superior listening capabilities have helped more than 4,000 enterprise clients, including Airbnb, MIT, Microsoft, and Spotify, to improve their communications and marketing strategies.
  • Mention functions by tracking millions of content sources across 42 languages to enable users to monitor their brand mentions globally.
  • It also has a competitive analysis tool that enables users to compare their brand against those of competitors to ensure greater content relevance to their customers than their competitors.
  • Its features include online media monitoring, competitor analysis, brand management, audience listening, social media channel pilot, and agency growth.
  • Mention's pricing plan includes $29 per month for the Solo package, $99 per month for the Pro plan, and $450+ per month for the Enterprise plan. Alternatively, users can purchase an annual plan for $25 per month for the Solo package, $83 per month for the Pro plan, and $450+ per month for the Enterprise plan.