Airsoft Gun Optics

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Airsoft Gun Optics Market Size

We were unable to find the requested information on the size of the digital airsoft optics market using publicly accessible sources. We were also unable to find enough information to make a high-confidence estimate or extrapolation of the requested data. It appears that the market for digital and/or electronic airsoft optics is too narrow a sub-field of the airsoft market to have been examined by any publicly accessible source.


We began our research with reputable market research sources like IBIS and First Research. These industry analysts often offer high-quality reports of markets and industries, but only limited data emerged from accessible reports. There is a possibility that key information lay behind a paywall at this location, but there is no guarantee the report breaks down the industry in such a way as to examine digital or electronic airsoft optics specifically.

We then determined the market leaders in the airsoft industry and established a list of high-visibility brands in the electronic airsoft optics market and turned to searching the web presences, financial disclosures, and annual reports of those brands, as well as press releases and similar sources for market data on the digital airsoft optics market as a whole. Still, no information about the digital optics industry's market size came to light.

With no clear, precompiled survey of the digital or electronic airsoft optics market to be found, we turned to attempting to assemble a picture of the market from partial sources and extrapolation. We examined press sources like Forbes as well as catalogs for sports games and the airsoft industry, and the web presences of organizations like Airsoft Dome and Professional Airsoft, but nothing emerged from this strategy that addressed the optics market, much less the digital optics sub-segment.

Next, we gathered data on the number of airsoft gun owners in the hopes that this, plus an average price of digital airsoft optics (garnered from Amazon) and an average instance of the use of digital optics could be used to extrapolate a size for the market. However, the last key piece of that equation could not be found. None of our sources discussed how many users buy optics or how many airsoft guns have optics attached nor how many of these optics are digital or electronic.

Still seeking that preference data, we expanded our scope to look at target shooting, paintball, and other related sports press sources, hoping to find comparative or otherwise useful information about optics use. We did not find anything that could be used to make a high-confidence estimate of the needed data.

In our search, we found a few pieces of data about the airsoft market and the digital or electronic optics subsection of that market, which have been presented below.


The total revenue of air gun and airsoft industry was $447.8 million in 2017. This industry has seen an annualized fall of 0.9 percent over the past five years. There was a drastic drop in demand in 2014. This drop was due to regulations in the purchasing of airsoft guns. Top brands for airsoft guns include Tokyo Marui, CYMA Airsoft Guns, and Desert Eagle Airsoft. In the United States, there are 324 airsoft fields, 221 shops for airsoft products, 2110 teams and 45 organizers.

Cost for a digital optics for airsoft guns runs between $100 and $120. Consumers are advised to consider reliability, functions, magnifications and the presence or absence of a scopecam when considering the purchase of airsoft optics.


Unfortunately, the digital and/or electronic airsoft gun optic industry has not been studied by any publicly accessible source, nor does enough data exist on public sources to make a high-confidence guess at the size of this sub-field of the airsoft industry. We do know that the airsoft industry was worth $447.8 million in 2017 and has been shrinking since 2014, largely due to regulation.
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Competitive Landscape: Airsoft gun optics

Some of the key companies in the Airsoft optics industry include Vortex Optics, Meprolight, Trijicon and UTG by Leaders, Inc. Examples of airsoft optics products by Meprolight include the Meprolight GLS and Meprolight MicroRDS, products by Vortex Optics include crossfire, viper, razor and Diamondback, and products by Trijicon include Snipe-IR, IR-Patrol, Reap-IR and IR Hunter. Below is the methodology that we used during this research.


During this research, our focus was to find information relating to the top companies in the airsoft optics industry. We, therefore, looked at online sales platforms for these products such as Airsoft Mega Store, Evike and Airsoft CGI. In each of these resources, we looked at the highly ranked companies and compared this information with ratings of airsoft sights optics from Amazon. As such, we selected the companies that had ratings of over 4.5 and those that had details of their sights, scope and optic products on their official websites. Based on the list of companies we had identified, only four companies meet the requirements of the research criteria.

We then looked through their official websites and online sales platforms to determine their revenues and price ranges. In the case of Meprolight, there was limited information on the retail prices of their products. However, we managed to compare the prices of Meprolight products with similar products on Optics Planets. Our assumption is that similar products were within the same price range although there can be slight variations.

The final step was to find the annual revenues of each of these companies. None of these companies had posted their financial statements on their websites. In this case, we obtained the quarterly revenues relating to all of the companies from ZoomInfo and added the various sums to get the annual revenues for 2018.



  • Overview: Leapers Inc., is an American company that provides a range of shooting and hunting sports products. One of its brands is UTG that is dominant in the airsoft optics industry.
  • Products: UTG 3.8" ITA Red/Green CQB Dot Sight with Integral Mount and UTG 8-32X56 30mm Scope (with rings and G4 Dot Reticle).
  • Price range: From $37.97 to $349.97




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Thermal Optics for Airsoft Guns

While there is limited information on the number of thermal optics for Airsoft guns sold in the United States annually, your research team was able to provide useful information about the Airsoft Gun industry market size, trends, and how the industry is segmented using different parameters or the key vendors operating in the Thermal optics market for Airsoft guns and their price ranges as available on the different e-commerce websites. The main reason why the specific requested information could not be found is due to the high segmentation and niching in the Airsoft gun manufacturing industry, hence no industry level sales reports are available. Another reason why this information is not available on the public domain is because all the players involved in the industry are privately held so they are not obligated to reveal their revenues and sales to the public. Your research team did not glean any information on revenue that could give us a shot at triangulation. Below is a deep dive into our methodology and the useful findings.


In order to determine or estimate the number of thermal optics sold for airsoft guns in the United States, we first scoured through the Airsoft gun and accessories industry reports from IBIS World, Fact MR, Market Intelligence, Market and Markets, Grandview Research etc. Such industry reports are a potential source for any market sizing or industry revenue related information. Since the Thermal optics for Airsoft gun market is closely related with the Airsoft gun Market and its demand is derived from the Airsoft gun market, our idea was to look for any information on Airsoft gun sales and its accessories (like Thermal Optics, Electronic/Digital optics etc) in these reports. This strategy did not yield any information specifically for the thermal optics annual sales in the United States. However, using this strategy, we were able to get information on Airsoft gun US industry revenues, industry segmentation, the key players and key industry drivers. We also tried searching for any comprehensive report behind a paywall that may contain the required information but no such a report could be traced. We were however able to locate an in depth pay walled report on the US Airsoft guns market price ranges, key markets, revenues by
Application and by key players, and also sales volume which may be useful.
Next, we had to broaden our search horizon and search through media articles from Forbes, WSJ, Business Insider, Bloomberg, Live Mint etc. This strategy also included searching through some blogs dedicated to Airsoft guns such as 'Airsoft Station Blog', 'Airsoft News', 'Fox Airsoft'. We also looked for any surveys around the usage and sales of thermal optics in Airsoft guns (like x% people prefer to use thermal optics vs digital optics, y% do not use any optics etc) from Pew Research, Market Radar etc. We searched through these and many more sources because they are potential sources where market size and annual revenue numbers from any industry are quoted, especially from paid reports. The objective of this strategy was to locate any such information from the sources that may lead us to the comprehensive reports, even if they were behind paywalls. However, most of the information found revolved around key vendors and players in the market, various types of Airsoft guns, industry profit margins, and their technical specifications. There was no information found that is specific to the US annual sales of thermal optics for Airsoft guns.
Our third strategy was to try to triangulate the requested information. For this we searched the key US vendors for the Airsoft guns' Thermal Optics through various ecommerce platforms such as Amazon, Evike, Airsoft Shop, Airsoft GI etc. The objective of this search strategy was to, through the filings and websites of these players, get a look into their sales and revenues from Thermal Optics sales and extrapolate the same for industry based on their market share. For example, if a vendor holds x% of the total market has $Y million in revenue, the revenues of the whole industry can be triangulated to:

Total industry revenue= 100%/x% X $Y
While we were able to find a relevant list of vendors for US industry, all the players identified were private with publicly available filings or revenue information available for them. We then expanded the scope and try to locate some global vendors and their sales numbers. The idea was to triangulate the information on the total annual sales for US thermo optics for Airsoft guns. A successful triangulation could have looked like this:

Let the global Thermo Optics industry be valued at $X million in sales and US market share of global market be Y% of total Global Market. The annual sales for US Thermo Optics for Airsoft guns could be calculated as follows:
Annual sales (US) =Y/100 x $X

We were again able to successfully locate some global players operating in the space but again all of them were private with no public information at all either on revenues or their market share. We therefore could not use triangulation to identify or estimate the number of thermal optics for Airsoft guns sold in the United States annually.

useful findings

The Air Gun and Airsoft Gun Manufacturing industry in the United States was valued at $448 million in 2017. This is a -0.9% decline in value from 2012. Interestingly, the number of businesses operating in the industry has gone up by 6.6% from 2012 to 2017 but the number of employees working in the industry has remained relatively flat. The growth of this industry can be attributed to two major factors: increase in the number of millennials who are enthusiastic and adventurous and "better disposable incomes" for the consumers. One huge obstacle that is preventing the growth of this industry is the state and country regulations. For example, the use of Airsoft guns is banned in the UK. The demand for thermal optics is directly dependent on the larger Airsoft guns industry, the growth and hindrance factors mentioned above also touch the thermal optics industry directly.
The global Airsoft gun market is segmented using different parameters:

  • Rifles
  • Shotgun
  • Pistol
  • Revolver

  • 200-300 FPS
  • 300-400 FPS
  • 400-500 FPS
  • 500-600 FPS
  • 600-700 FPS
  • Above 700 FPS

  • Below 6 feet
  • 6-12 feet
  • 12-24 feet
  • Over 24 feet

  • US$0-100
  • US$100-500
  • Over 500 US$

  • Sports Variety Stores
  • Direct to Customer
  • Third-party Online
  • Other Channels

  • Individual
  • Promotional
  • Institutional

This segmentation highlights the depth of the Airsoft guns market and also the related thermal optics for the Airsoft guns. In terms of price range the average cost of good quality Air pistols and rifles varies from $50 to $250 while for mid-range Airsoft guns, it varies from $200 to $300. The companies selling airsoft guns and their accessories like Thermal Optics realize anywhere from 25 to 40 percent profit margins from their sales.

Some key global vendors selling in the thermal airsoft scope for Airsoft guns industry are:

Some vendors dealing in the Airsoft guns optics space and based in the United States include: