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Airport Out Of Home Media Category Spend

Unfortunately, we were unable to locate the top five industry categories for OOH advertisements in airports or their ad spend from 2016 until 2018. We were able to find that OOH categories are billboards, street furniture, transit, and place-based as well as plenty of other useful information related to the topic. We have added this information into the brief below.


We began our search by trying to find the top five Out of Home (OOH) categories that airports advertise. This led us to the CAPA and Airports Council International (ACI) websites. Although the CAPA website has some good data, it turned out to have some outdated information, but we were still able to find links to something useful. The information we were finding related to this category was talking about the format in which the OOH is advertised but that is not giving information relate to spending or the categories that the advertising falls into.

As a second strategy, we searched for the top advertisers who invested in OOH Airport advertising, in order to narrow down to a possible top-five OOH advertising categories. We went to the OAAA website, there was already a precompiled list of the top advertisers, but it was not specific to airports. We continued our search to include websites published by Clear Channel Airports and The Airport. We found a listing on the latter website that names quite a few airport advertisers, but the list was so vast, we were unable to narrow down to a top five or determine ad spending.

In our third strategy, we searched for industry related magazines and websites hoping we could find some precompiled lists of the top OOH advertising categories among airports, as well as their, ad spend. We reviewed OOH Today, Marketing Interactive, and the Out of Home Advertising Association of America (OAAA) websites. There was plenty of resources that provided OOH award winners, placement categories, and more but that information was not useful for the purpose of this brief.

As a last resort, we searched paywalls and provided the links to a few options that can be considered. The ACI website and the OAAA were websites with the most useful information. The ACI report is completed paywalled in inaccessible without paying, but the OAAA website has both paywalled and free information. Some of its paywalled sources are worth looking into.


  • In 2016, operating expenses made up 64.7% of total costs, the remaining proportion allocated to capital costs.
  • In 2016, $3 billion in non-operation revenue was made in the North America region.
  • There are several companies like Adidas, Bacardi, CNN, Showtime, and Samsung that advertise in airports.


  • OOH delivers exceptional ROI, for every $1 spent, approximately $2.80 in sales result, compared to only $2.41 for print and $2.43 for TV.
  • OOH categories are billboards, street furniture, transit, and place-based.
  • Global OOH Ad spend was projected to be $7.7 billion in 2017.
  • The top 10 advertisers in OOH spending are McDonald's, Apple, Geico, American Express, Google, Amazon, Coca-Cola, HBO, Verizon, and Chevrolet.
  • United Airline spent $21,684,300 in OOH advertising in 2017.
  • The top industry categories for OOH advertising was local services, retail, media & advertising, restaurants, public trans, hotels & resorts, financial, insurance & real estate, government & politics, automotive dealers, and communications.