Airline/ Brand Consumer Promotion Partnerships

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Airline/ Brand Consumer Promotion Partnerships

Our research identified ten case studies involving partnerships between an airline and consumer brand in North America. The airlines include Delta, Westjet, Jetblue and Southwest airlines. We began our research looking for partnerships that had begun in the last two years but found we had to extend our time frame to include examples from 2014 to 2016 to identify ten case studies. The case studies found include Westjet and McDonalds offering McCafe coffee on all flights using a co-branded cup, and Jetblue and Terra Chips blue chip partnership with the color of the chip playing into Jetblue's name.

Delta and Biscoff

Delta and Biscoff have partnered since 1986. In 2017, Delta upgraded the Biscoff cookies they provide in flight to a larger size. The iconic cookie has been used by flight attendants to fashion birthday crowns. In 2016, Delta developed a Biscoff emoji as part of it's "sticker pack" on iMessage.

westjet and mcdonalds

In 2016, Westjet and McDonalds announced a new partnership which saw McDonalds coffee being the only coffee available on Westjet flights. The coffee cups feature a unique Westjet and McDonalds design but still feature the same rewards collectible card and peelable stickers.

Jetblue and Dunkin

Jetblue and Dunkin Donuts have worked together since 2006, last renewing the partnership in 2011. In 2014, Dunkin' Donuts packaged coffee and/or one carton of Dunkin' Donuts K-Cup packs purchases included a 20% off coupon on Jetblue flights. Dunkin Donuts coffee is the only coffee served on Jetblue flights.

jetblue and terra blue chips

Jetblue and Terra Chips partnership use blue chips in their co-branding partnership. Terra Blue Chips are one of the airline's official snacks and are given out free to all fliers. Jetblue even has a potato farm at JFK airport, growing only the blue potatoes used to make the chips.

delta and starbucks

Delta and Starbucks partnership means the company's coffee is the only one available on Delta flights and that coffee is provided in Starbucks and Delta co-branded cups. In 2018, Delta and Starbucks teamed up to create and donate military care packages.

westjet and coca cola

In 2014, Westjet and Coca Cola partnered to bring Coke's campaign, “Share A Coke” to flights. Fliers arrived at their seats to find a Coke can with their name on it. During the campaign Westjet also created a fake in-flight safety video to show how to safely drink a can of Coke onboard.

southwest airlines and coca cola

Southwest Airlines and Coca Cola partnered to offer travelers the chance to use co-branded vending machines to send other travelers a can of coke in several airports around the United States.

delta and coca cola

In 2019, Delta and Coca Cola came up with a campaign to have customers exchange phone numbers and find love on board Delta airlines. Customers were given a napkin that encouraged them to share their phone numbers. The campaign was not well-received and Delta was forced to pull the napkins from its flights.

southwest airlines AND COMMUNITY COFFEE

Community Coffee is the official coffee supplier for Southwest Airlines. In 2018, Community Coffee announced a new campaign in partnership with the airline. Customers can earn Southwest Rapid Rewards with the purchase Community Coffee in stores.

delta and luvo

Delta and Luvo have partnered to offer fliers healthier options on all Delta Airlines flights. The Luvo and Delta branded food options change seasonally. Luvo encourages fliers to share the pictures onboard using the hashtag, #luvoinflight.