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Air Fryer Trends

Recent media and analyst coverage of air fryers and air frying in the United States suggests that trends or insights into the next big thing in air fryers revolve around air fryer as a function or mode, air fryer as a holiday gift, air fryer as a popular appliance for meat preparation, the wider assortment of air fryer recipes, and the introduction of larger air fryers.


  • When CNET attended the recently held International Home and Housewares Show, it found that the air fryer has shifted from being just a stand-alone appliance to being a function or mode on a full-size oven or toaster oven. This shift appears to have emerged as a result of the all-in-one appliance trend, which was the biggest trend observed at the show in Chicago.
  • The first toaster oven with an air frying feature was introduced by Breville in 2018, but it is only in 2019 that incorporating air frying as a mode or function in an appliance has gained traction.
  • Both Frigidaire and Bosch have launched full-size ovens with air fryer buttons at Las Vegas's Kitchen and Bath Industry Show, while Galanz Americas, Cuisinart, De'Longhi, and Hamilton Beach have all launched toaster ovens with air frying features at Chicago's International Home and Housewares Show.
  • According to CNET, the addition of an air frying mode to a toaster oven makes sense, as the toaster oven already has a myriad of functions, including toasting, broiling, baking, rotisserie-cooking, and reheating.


  • The first air fryer came about in 2005, yet it was only in Christmas 2018 that interest in the appliance was renewed. The holiday shopping season saw the appliance enter Amazon's top 100 list for the home and kitchen product category for the first time. Thinknum Media billed the air fryers as the "it" gift that season.
  • That season, the air fryers that ranked the highest on Amazon were air fryers from Black+Decker, Holsem, and Dash. The top-ranking air fryer was the following item: Black+Decker HF110SBD PuriFry Oil Free Air Fryer, 2-Liter, Black / Stainless Steel. In comparison, the top-ranking brands on Google Trends in 2017 were Cuisinart, Nuwave, and Haier.
  • The last holiday season saw several media outlets covering the air fryer. The New Yorker, Mashable, Women's Health, Business Insider, Eater, Wired, The Daily Caller, Inc, The Washington Post, and US Weekly had all published articles on the subject. Inc noted in its article that in the month preceding Christmas 2018, over 11,000 individuals joined a community on Facebook named "Air Fryer Tips and Recipes."
  • Google Trends confirmed as well that interest in air fryer had spiked during the latest holiday season. A style director at Good HouseKeepinng also billed the air fryer as 2018's Instant Pot.


  • Though the stove and oven remain the top appliances for meat preparation, the air fryer is making inroads, according to the latest Annual Meat Conference.
  • At present, 20% of shoppers in the United States sometimes or frequently use the air fryer in preparing meat. And of shoppers who own an air fryer, 59% sometimes or frequently use the air fryer for meat preparation.
  • In contrast, the percentage of shoppers in the country who sometimes or frequently use a specific appliance to prepare meat is as follows: stove (90%), oven (90%), grill (70%), crock pot (70%), microwave (40%), instant pot (40%), and pressure cooker (40%).
  • The NPD Group saw a tenfold increase in volume sales of air fryers in the country in the past two years. Almost 10 million air fryers were sold between late May 2017 and mid-March 2019. In 2018, sales of air fryers saw a year-on-year growth of 69%.
  • The percentage of shoppers in the country who use air fryers is expected to grow, as the size of the United States air fryer market is expected to increase from $56 million in 2016 to $79 million by 2021.


  • In 2017, when the number of air fryer pins on Pinterest grew by 1,809%, the air fryer recipes that emerged as most popular on Pinterest were not recipes for traditional fried foods but recipes for air-fried brussel sprouts and air-fried tater tots.
  • On Google, air-fried brussel sprouts and air-fried tater tots were the most popular air fryer recipes as well.
  • Users have found that their air fryers are capable of cooking "more than just traditional fried foods such as French fries, onion rings and fried shrimp." They have discovered that they can use the air fryer to cook other foods such as steak, vegetables, or even lasagna.
  • As a result, air fryer vendors have expanded the recipe books they offer with their air fryers to include a wider assortment of recipes.


  • According to Homeworld Business, air fryer vendors note that consumers, especially those with bigger families, have been looking for air fryers with bigger capacities.
  • Caitlin Devereaux Bart, a senior marketing manager at Philips, notes that "people with a family or four or larger were asking for air fryers larger in size to allow them to cook the right amount of food they need."
  • Air fryer vendors have responded by introducing air fryers with capacities of at least 6 quarts. The vendors, in general, felt good about the larger-sized units, because the new products not only address the needs of consumers but also help prevent price erosion. The larger-sized units also offer product differentiation.