Airbnb Safety Incidence Case Studies

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Airbnb Safety

According to a recent study Airbnb has about 150 million users with about 650,000 hosts spread all across the globe. Most people use Airbnb for booking stays while traveling instead of conventional hotels. With Airbnb's continuous growth and listings provided in over 191 countries, many issues have surfaced with regard to safety. Incidents over the past years have shed some light on some insights concerning Airbnb, and it's safety.

Global Perception of Airbnb Safety

What Travelers Are Most Concerned About

  • The most commonly reported incidents regarding safety are still the ones travelers are most concerned about. Travelers reported being most concerned about scams, including fake listings or falsified descriptions, unsafe neighborhoods, and uncomfortable/unsafe living conditions.
  • Travelers even have an increased concern for privacy with an alarming percentage of travelers reporting having found a hidden camera(s) in their Airbnb.

Impacts of Past Safety Incidents

Steps People Can Take to Ensure Safety

  • One of the many steps to ensure safety before booking is to read host reviews and view their ratings. Travelers should also go over all amenity details listed to look for safety features such as carbon monoxide detectors. It is also strongly encouraged that all communication and payment transactions are kept strictly through Airbnb where there is documentation to reference.
  • Outside of the Airbnb website, travelers can research a host or see if they have had a background check done. It would also be significant to research your destination and check for warnings or alerts in regard to travel or the specific destination.
  • Insurance can also be purchased by hosts or guests to cover any unforeseen circumstances or damages. The site even offers safety workshops.

Where People Look for Safety Information When Using Airbnb

  • Aside from relying on information directly from the Airbnb site, there are an array of other places you can search for safety information. It would be wise to search for any news articles, blogs, and reviews relating specifically to your intended destination.
  • When it comes to the worlds largest accommodation-sharing platform, the global perception of safety is constantly shifting. Demographics are always changing, technology is always expanding, and security features are constantly being updated and/or added.
  • The way we communicate and the resources we have at hand, at any given time, are more efficient. Even with surveys, past safety issues noted, and isolated circumstances in the news, there is no real definitive way to measure perception on something that is rapidly changing at a constant speed.