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Agricultural Messaging: Mexico and the Dominican Republic

Mexico's blue corn and protected agriculture, as well as the Dominican Republic's cocoa and avocado, are some themes that have resonated with audiences specific to the agriculture industry. We have defined "theme" as a positive subject of discussion or topic withing the agricultural community in the two countries.

Mexico's blue corn and protected agriculture

  • Blue corn has gained a positive response among Mexicans as the demand for blue corn products has risen among them. Consumers are even willing to pay higher prices of up to 33% increase to get it.
  • According to market research data by Mintel, "in the past four years, there has been a 133% increase in new product launches with blue corn in Mexico, with snacks being the most popular food category." Blue corn resonates with the Mexicans because they want authentic, healthy food and they're also particular about the food aesthetics.
  • Protected agriculture also resonates with Mexicans as greenhouse production has been growing in Mexico. Protected agriculture in Mexico only covered 325 acres in 2003 but has increased to 126,000 acres in 2018. This high jump shows how protected agriculture has gained a positive response among the Mexicans.
  • Correspondingly, protected agriculture products or products that were grown from greenhouses also resonate with Mexicans because they prefer products that have been protected from pests, diseases, and harsh weather conditions.

Dominican Republic's cocoa and avocado

  • The Dominican Republic's cocoa production also has a positive response among the country's consumers, as shown by the 3 million allotments of the cocoa production area in the country. As consumers prefer organic cocoa, the increased yield and demand for it have made the Dominican Republic the main exporter of organic cocoa in the world.
  • Organic cocoa resonates with the people because of its quality. It has been recognized twice in Paris for its quality.
  • Avocado is another theme that has a positive response among Dominicans.
  • Avocado is one of the country's major exports and has recently gained market access to China. Consumers see it as the best avocado in the world, with the Hass avocado being the most recognized.