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Digital Creative and Marketing Agency Best Practices and Trends

We have identified three best practices and three trends for digital creative and marketing agencies in the United States. For each category, we listed two external strategies and one internal strategy. In addition, we have compiled a list of four best-in-class agencies.
Best practices are regularly updating SEOs, the strategic use of social media, and keeping clients’ internal sales teams engaged in marketing strategies. Trends for 2018 are video content, chatbots, and clients are showing a keen interest in omni-channel campaigns. Best-in-class agencies, as identified by Fast Company and Digital Marketing Institute, are Wieden+Kennedy, BBDO, Collectively, and Space150. Our full overview is below.

Best Practice #1: Keep SEOs Up-to-date

A January 2018 article published by Inc. recommends the frequent assessment of SEOs, as Google updates its algorithm 500-600 times a year. While most updates are minor, Moz maintains a list of Google's "major algorithmic changes that have had the biggest impact on search," the most recent of which was in March. Industry experts recommend that organizations audit and update their SEOs on a quarterly basis.

Best Practice #2: Use Social Media Strategically

Another best practice is the strategic use of social media. It's important that agencies identify what social media platforms their clients' customers are actually using before developing a campaign. According to Inc., 67% of people use social media to ask customer service related questions, so it's crucial that companies engage with their customers on these platforms.

Best Practice #3: keep Clients' internal Sales Team engaged

In an article published earlier this year, The Business Journal states that sales teams often feel out of touch and disconnected from external marketing agencies. Specific examples for agencies to keep their clients' sales teams in the loop include scheduling regular meetings and phone calls. Acknowledging and celebrating the successes that come from collaboration is also important.

Trend #1: Video content

According to Forbes, having a video on a landing or sales page "can help increase conversions by as much as 80%." One benefit cited for video content is that it, "gets your point across faster." The article recommends posting four videos per month, whether it's on YouTube, Facebook, or the company's own website.

Trend #2: Chatbots

Forbes says, "Chatbots are all the rage as of late and for great reason." Chatbots can increase customer/potential customer engagement. It is estimated that 80% of messages sent by chatbots will be viewed, which is a higher engagement rate than "email open rates."

Trend #3: clients want Omni-Channel Campaigns

Businesses want their customers to have "seamless" buying experiences, with 70% considering omni-channel marketing to be "important, very important, or critical." Companies are aware that their customers want to interact with and research products before purchasing. When creating creative content, agencies should keep omni-channel efforts in mind.

four Best-in-Class Agencies

(1.) Wieden+Kennedy
In 2018, Fast Company named Wieden+Kennedy one of the "World's Most Innovative Companies" in the marketing and advertising sector. This year, the agency is working on the "Breaking2" campaign for Nike, which centers around shoes for marathon runners. Breaking2's campaign will include a full-length documentary produced by National Geographic.
(2.) BBDO
BBDO was also on Fast Company's "Innovative" list. The agency balances, "traditional big brand advertising with innovative, boundary-pushing creative." BBDO has produced podcasts for GE, posted DIY tips on Snapchat for Lowe's, and created the Sandy Hook Promise PSAs.
(3.) Collectively
Collectively was also on Fast Company's "Innovative" list for 2018. The agency has made heavy use of social media campaigns for their clients. In 2017, Collectively connected 75 different brands with 1,725 popular social media influencers, resulting in a total of 1.2 billion social media impressions.
(4.) Space150
Space150 was the agency behind Be The Match's bone marrow donor campaign, which encouraged young men to register as donors. The omni-channel campaign included engagement on Snapchat, Twitch, Instagram, Facebook, and Reddit. As a result of the campaign, Be The Match saw a 280% increase in male donors age 18 to 24.


To wrap it up, we identified three best practices and three trends for digital creative and marketing agencies in the United States. We also compiled a list of four best-in-class agencies, as identified by agency experts.