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Best Practices - New Ad Agency Launch

Best practices for launching a new ad agency include hosting a launch party, creating a branded video, sending out press releases, offering promotions through social media, and getting media exposure.


To identify best practices for launching a new ad agency, I began by searching for existing case studies of ad agency launch campaigns, using sources such as Ad Week, Hubspot, Digiday, and WARC. Finding only a few subtle references, I shifted my focus to ad agency self-promotion tactics, but many of these strategies focused on established agencies rather than new ventures. I also searched for information on how to start an advertising or creative agency with the hope of finding some mention of launch best practices, but those were limited. I also looked for agency awards for self-promotion or agency launches to look for themes or best practices. While I prioritized US agencies, I expanded to other locations when results for the US became limited. Ultimately, best practices have been gleaned from the available examples of launch campaigns and tactics pursued by several agencies.


From the examples I uncovered, it would appear that a fairly common best practice for announcing a new advertising or creative agency is hosting a launch party.

Its More Than Poetry, a UK-based creative agency, hosted a launch party and shared photos at their website. One of the photos shows the flier for the event, which includes information on special guests, including musicians and DJs, as well as event specifics, such as date and location. While there is no information available on the success of the event, the launch was in 2016 and the company remains in business.

GXXRLS Creative Agency appears to have held multiple launch parties, noted by and 67. The parties featured "two artists creating work live and on-site, DJ Killa Kels, a lipstick booth, cupcakes and free drinks."


Website or blog posts appear to be one of the top approaches for announcing a new agency's launch, as I found several examples of such announcements. NYC-based creative agency Vedia launched with a website, branded video, and social media platforms. Vedia announced their new website a couple of months after their initial launch, offering a step-by-step examination of their creative process in developing and executing the website. The post helps clients understand the agency's creative process. Vedia announced their launch in a website post, describing the company and linking to their branded video.

As part of their launch, Vedia offered a promo, entering clients who launched a project with Vedia during a specific time period into a raffle to win an iPhone X. The campaign gave these clients an increased chance to win if they viewed Vedia's brand video, liked their LinkedIn launch post, followed their social media accounts, or filled out a survey.

This^, a digital agency, announced its launch on its website. The announcement discusses the reason they launched the agency, including the research involved, and sharing their company motto with the hashtag #ClientFirst. Then, it offers a call to action, suggesting prospective clients email, phone, or fill out their Ask Us form, or to message them through social media.

360.Agency is agency comprising five companies. Its launch announcement, posted on its blog, notes the agency's focus (car dealerships) and how the companies are coming together to provide a multidisciplinary approach to car dealership advertising.


Its More Than Poetry released a branded promotional video relating to its launch party. It features images from the party and spoken word poetry of its founder Raphael Blake.

Vedia's branded video begins with the phrase, "What do you want to be?" and displays their corporate personality with bold colors and a series of powerful words, such as influential, authentic, novel, dynamic, impactful, radical, inspired, and excellent.


GXXRLS, a digital creative agency focused on helping creative women, garnered the attention of several publications to promote its launch. With its unique value proposition, combining a creative agency with outreach, the agency was able to get write-ups in a couple of online publications, including, 67, Flare, and La Femme Collective. While success metrics were not available, the article at La Femme Collective that says their network of "strong and impassioned women" had grown tenfold in five months. But it refers to their upcoming launch, so they had clearly done networking in advance of their launch parties.

Vedia also got some attention for their launch in an article published by one of its client-partners, NYC-based Village Print & Media.


Related to media exposure, press releases may be an effective way to get the word out to the local community. BoldFish Digital, a Florida-based digital marketing agency, issued a press release announcing their launch. The press release was posted on the website of local TV station KHQ. It describes the market the company is targeting (SMEs) and the specialties it offers (PPC management, SEO, and marketing automation). They also note they are running a promotional offer for new clients. The press release was also published by WENY News.

Townsville Digital Marketing also used press releases to announce their launch in 2017. The media effort was intended to inform their community of the company's strategies for helping local companies.


In conclusion, creative agencies have announced their openings in a number of ways, including launch parties, branded videos, press releases, social media promotions, and media coverage.