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Advisory Board – Part 1 (Computer Vision and Image Processing, Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning, Augmented Reality and Virtual Realities)


As requested, we have compiled a list of experts that suit your criteria. With years of experience, credentials, achievements, academic and industry contributions, recommendations and more, these names were taken from credible sources in the technological field. They might be who you are looking for if you need insights from an advisory board basis.

The Experts

computer vision and image processing

Based on your specifications, we referred to this list and further checked achievements and credentials accordingly for the individuals who are quite tenured in computer vision and image processing.

Eric Grimson

Being a professor of Computer Science and Engineering, he is also a fellow of the Association for the Advancement of Artificial Intelligence and a fellow of the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers. With more than 25 years of experience and worldwide recognition because of his research in computer vision, he is also the MIT's Chancellor for Academic Advancement. On top of his achievements, he has also lectured and supervised undergraduates, graduates and even doctorate candidates. More of his achievements and qualifications are provided in the in-line citations.

Brian Funt

Being a professor in the Simon Fraser University School of Computing Science, he has other endorsements pertaining to image processing, algorithms and digital imaging on top of his more than 25 years of relevant experience in the field. He has also taught courses such as Scientific Computer Programming, Computational Vision, and Computational Color Vision Seminar. His current research interests involve digital color imagine, color constancy, color in medicine and color perception. His profile reveals the number of publications he had participated in and the patents he has.

Peter Gregson

Currently a retired professor and engineer in residence at Dalhousie University, he is currently affiliated with development efforts to two new products in medical instrumentation and 3D measurement. He also has a collection of research items, source reads and study citations that add detail to his more than 25 years of experience. He specializes in new product design, computer vision, electronics engineering, embedded systems and design innovation as well.

Artificial intelligence and deep learning

For relevant contributions to artificial intelligence and deep learning, we referred to this list and picked the names that match other criteria as you've requested.

Joanna Bryson

Being a thought leader in the study of artificial intelligence and deep learning, she is a professor of Computer Science in the University of Bath. Her educational background involves behavioral science and MSc in AI on top of her PhD in AI from MIT. Her credible statements regarding artificial intelligence also add more color into her tenure in the field. She also won the AI Ethics Award last year thanks to her contributions to the field.

Alex Champandard

Being the co-founder of, a company that builds tools for artists and designers with the assistance of AI alongside other creative industries, his experience encompasses both industry and research. With his educational background and more than 20 years of experience, his skills and endorsements revolve around artificial intelligence, game development, and programming. He is highly recommended by development companies as well.

Jana Eggers

She is the CEO of Nara Logics. Her company is focused on artificial intelligence and its contributions in the field of neuroscience. Having opened the European logistics software offices as part of American Airlines alongside other achievements. She also has relevant skills and endorsements when it comes to startups, SaaS and product management and is endorsed by other leaders in the industry.

Augmented reality and virtual realities

We used an article that mentions the 16 Experts that would predict the future of virtual and augmented reality. After so, we picked up individuals with qualifications and strong credentials related to management, development and directing the field.

Paul Bettner

He is the Founder and CEO at Playful Corp and Creative Director at Newtoy, Inc among other highlights. With recommendations coming from software developers and other leaders in the industry, his experience with development supplements his new horizons with virtual reality. He has since then started focusing his company on virtual reality.

Todd Hooper

When it comes to business development and augmented reality, his position as the CEO and Founder of Vreal speaks volumes about his achievements in the virtual and augmented reality sector. He also has a patent for virtual reality session capture and replay systems and methods, aside from his knowledge regarding entrepreneurship, cloud computing, the gaming industry, and more.

Brian Bullard

With his strong background in software development, game development across platforms especially with virtual reality, his expertise further expands to being the CEO of FoundryVR Inc. He had also led the development of other software at Go Pendo LLC and was also the Director of Engineering for 5th Planet Games among others.


The above lists are collated using two filters: firstly, their ranking as related to their expertise and the list they're in and their qualifications as you have specified. Though there are some with less than 25 years of experience but more than 20 years instead, their achievements, upon review, speak volumes of the quality of their contributions during their tenure.
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Advisory Board - Part 2 (User Experience Design gods, Corporate Financial Management, Sales)

We have identified three experts each from the fields of user experience design, corporate financial management, and sales based on the expert criteria provided. Each of the individuals chosen are highly accomplished thought leaders in their respective fields, have decades of experience and could potentially serve on an advisory board.



In order to find the top three experts in the field of user experience design, we relied on pre-compiled lists such as ‘20 People in UX that You Have to Follow on Twitter’. We then shortlisted the individuals to match the provided criteria by investigating their careers through LinkedIn. Scott Jensen, Andy Budd, and Aaron Walter are the three user experience design experts who hold numerous high-level positions and have more than 20 years of experience in the industry.

1. Scott Jensen

Scott Jensen is the lead physical web designer for Chrome and is the former UX director for Google. For 25 years, Scott Jensen has been a user experience designer and strategic planner. He was the first to join the System Software Human Interface group at Apple, where he worked on the Newton digital assistant, System 7, and the Apple Human Interface guidelines. He later worked as a freelance design consultant for various companies including Mayo Clinic, Netscape, and American Express. Scott Jensen then joined Symbian as a director and later worked on Mobile IU design at Google. Scott Jensen has worked on five Newton product cycles, Mac OS releases, designed two mobile phones, four commercial website revisions, ran dozens of usability trials and focus groups, and has more than 20 patents under his name. He has authored numerous articles such as ‘The Coming Zombie apocalypse’ and ‘The UX of Data’.

2. Andy Budd

He is the CEO and Co-Founder of Clearleft which helps companies with issues in product strategy, customer experience, and digital transformation. He has spent over 20 years in the industry and has gained a wealth of knowledge in design, technology, and human behavior to influence product strategy. Budd’s role is to set strategy and vision, promote the value of design that helps clients realize their digital potential. He influences entrepreneurs and professionals in the web design field through his blog and book publications which include CSS mastery.

3. Aaron Walter

Aaron Walter is the vice president of Design Education at Vision Inc App. He has more than 20 years of industrial experience and has authored numerous books including ‘Designing for Emotion’ which has been an inspiration to design teams and big organizations like IBM, Intuit, and American Express have applied many of his principles. He was the former head of the WaSP InterACT curriculum which is an open curriculum that aims to develop the quality of web education in high schools and colleges. This curriculum was designed and authored by top industry experts and veteran educators including Aaron Walter, and is currently being used by schools around the world.


To find the experts in the field of financial management, we referred to the list of notable CFOs compiled by ExecRank. The list was shortlisted to the top three, J. Braxton Carter, Karen Hoguet, and Dennis Hickey, as their industry experience and high profile careers match the criteria provided.

1. J. Braxton Carter

Carter is the executive vice president and chief financial controller (CFC) at T-Mobile USA. He has extensive senior management experience in managing retail and wireless industry and has more than 10 years of experience in public accounting. He has served as the CFO at MetroPCS as well. Currently, J. Braxton Carter is a member of the Leeds School of Business’ Board of Alumni. He has 25 years of overall experience in the financial industry.

2. Karen Hoguet

Karen Hoguet has been Chief Financial Officer (CFO) of Mayc’s Inc. since 1997 and is soon going to retire. She has influenced almost every decision made in Macy’s Inc and has been steady and strategic at hand. Since January 2013, Karen Hoguet has been managing the company’s real estate, sustainability functions, non-merchandise purchasing functions, credit services, and customer services.

3. Dennis Hickey

Dennis Hickey is the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) at Colgate-Palmolive Co. He has been in this notable position since 1987. With more than 25 years of experience in the field of financial management, Dennis Hickey has held primary financial posts including Colgate-Palmolive’s North American and European business segments.


To identify the experts in sales, we researched a list of high profile salespeople who are associated with well-known brands. With the help of their LinkedIn profiles, we were able to find three sales experts, Bill Scannel, Philippe Galtie, and Charles Stamp whose extensive careers match the criteria provided.

1. Bill Scannel

Bill has been the president of sales and operations for over 30 years at Dell Technologies. He leads the sales team to deliver innovative and practical technology solutions to organizations globally. Under his Leadership, Dell’s customer service professional team earned the distinction of being the most successful and customer-focused teams. He is responsible for the global growth of Dell and its continued market leadership.

2. Phillippe Galtie

Phillippe Galtie is the ‘Executive Vice President-Global Sales’ at Tiffany & Co, which is a leading jeweler in New York. He started from being a product manager at Nestle and has grown over the years to his current distinguished position. He has more than 25 years of experience in the industry of sales and is a master in the luxury sales segment. Galtie excels in managing the segments of global sales operations, global store planning, omnichannel management, sales services, global customer services, and global sales operations.

3. Charles Stamp

Charles Stamp is the vice president-corporate strategy and product development at John Deere & Company, a world leading organization that provides advanced products and services to customers whose work is linked to the farm. He has helped John Deere in achieving its goals and executing the company’s strategy. Charles Stamp has held this position for the past 3 years. Prior to this, Charles Stamp worked as the president of Meyer Agri-products for over 15 years before joining Public Affairs Worldwide in the year 2002. He holds a seat as a member of the Board of Directors of the U S Chamber of Commerce and has worked as the Chairman of the Board of Equipment Manufacturers.


Being an expert in any field involves innovation, supporting organizational goals and working towards a vision. All experts identified in the fields of user experience design, corporate financial management, and sales have extensive careers of more than 20 years and hold notable positions in their respective industries.

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