Addressable Market for Account Base Marketing (B2B) Solutions

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Addressable Market for Account Base Marketing (B2B) Solutions

According to our research, there are 5,720,000 B2B companies in the United States representing the Total Addressable Market for Account Based Marketing (ABM) Solutions. Although there are certain companies that follow a trend based on industry or revenue to use ABM, any B2B that uses a direct sales force, inside sales or third-party channels who is finding these methods not as effective, has the potential to switch to ABM methodologies.


There are 5,720,000 B2B companies in the United States, representing the Total Addressable Market for Account Based Marketing Solutions. On a typical basis, the companies applying these methods have a revenue of over $100 million with only 39% of B2B companies with less than $100 million in revenue. This means that 61% of B2B companies that either currently use ABM or have the ability to use ABM is 16,232, where revenue is higher than $100 million.
Although AMB was developed to be used by B2B marketers over 15 years ago, the trend is just recently gaining traction. Since the implementation of ABM, there has been a 20% increase revenue generation overall.

Methodology — Obtaining the Total Addressable Market

*Due to the large amount of figures detailed below, "[ ]" is being used to emphasize the most important figures.*

The Total Addressable Market for B2B Companies using Account Based Marketing is 5,720,000.

3,479,298+15,214+2,308+1,563= 3,498,383 B2B companies potentially NOT using ABM
2,224,470+1,880+96+1,331= 2,227,777 B2B companies potentially USING ABM

3,498,838+2,227,777 = 5,726,615 or roughly [5,720,000]

39% revenue < $100 million
21,590 = $50m-100m
61,538 = $20m-50m
92,495 = $10m-20m
1,200,531= $1-10m
4,327,614 = $0-1m
5,703,768 * 39% = 2,224,470 companies already using ABM
5,705,768-2,224,470 = *3,479,298* companies not using ABM

11% revenue $100-499 million
4,315 = $250m-500m
12,779 = $100m-250m
17,094 * 11% = 1,880 companies already using ABM
17,904-1,880 = *15,214* companies not using ABM

4% revenue $500-999 million
2,404 = $500m-1b * 4% = 96 companies
2,404-96 = *2,308* companies not using ABM

16% revenue $1-4.9 billion
7% revenue $5-9.9 billion
23% revenue >$10 billion
46% total
2,894 = $1b+ * 46% 1,331 companies already using ABM
2,894-1,331 = *1,563* companies not using ABM

B2B Companies— Opinions on Account Based Marketing

In 2017, DemandBase & Wakefield Research surveyed 400 ad professionals, asking them a variety of questions relating to their knowledge and usage of Account Based Marketing. Of these agencies, 70% had 500 or more employees and 47% were bringing in over $20 million in revenue.

According to the survey, 2/3 of the agencies saw the value in ABM and of the 1/3 not currently using ABM, 70% plan to do so in the future.

81% of respondents said they would NOT hire an applicant who lacked experience in ABM, due to the importance of the method as of late.

97% of respondents reported some challenges in addressing their client's marketing needs and their realization that ABM can help overcome that obstacle. 24% of respondents stated that they were unaware of the best technique to meet their needs and now understand that it could be ABM. 22% of respondents stated that they were not allocating enough resources. 91% of respondents have seen improvement in their sales and marketing alignment for clients' organizations that adopted ABM strategies. 100% of respondents reported they have clients who use ABM. 45% of respondents didn't understand what ABM was and ironically, 32% thought they were using it when they were not. 13% of respondents are still not willing to invest in new technology.


Although the method is over 15 years old, Account Based Marketing Solutions are just recently becoming a key method for B2B companies. The Total Addressable Market for Account Based Marketing within B2B companies is 5,720,000.