Account-Based Marketing ROI for Non-Profits

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Account-Based Marketing ROI for Non-Profits

Data points that illustrate the return on investment (ROI) for nonprofits (including large US and/or global foundations that operate in the health and education industry) that use account-based marketing (ABM) tactics are limited. Available information shows that compared to companies that don't use ABM, companies that implement such practices generate 200% more revenue for their marketing efforts. Below, is an overview of relevant case studies and statistics.

AGM-Related Case Studies

Movember Foundation

  • Headquartered in Australia, Movember Foundation is a leading nonprofit that is "addressing the biggest health issues faced by men." With a global presence, including in the US, it has over 5 million supporters, funded more than 1,200 men’s health projects globally, and has raised over $834 million in funding.
  • The foundation relied on a process that was based on "the manual creation and deployment of 39 individual emails; powering customized communications across multilingual markets; and accounting for nuances like regional slang, season, cultural humor, and local trending topics."
  • However, by leveraging Oracle's "enhanced capabilities and increased focus on data and marketing automation," the organization could focus more on their English-speaking audience that generates most of their donations. Furthermore, donations through their email marketing efforts increased by a staggering 49% year-over-year.
  • This earned them the Markie's Borderless Award as the best international marketing campaign.


  • Personify is a constituent management and engagement (CME) platform/company that targets and works with non-profits to improve or optimize their constituent engagements, revenue, and operations.
  • In its quest to create an ABM program, it relied on RollWork's platform to implement and achieve its ABM strategies.
  • In 11 months, the marketing team at Personify achieved 39x lift in engaged site visitors, 47x ROI on the contributed pipeline, 25x ROI on contributed revenue, and 8.5x ROI on marketing-sourced revenue.

General ABM Benefits and ROIs

  • In a survey of 207 B2B marketers, the results show that 77% said that "ABM has driven greater success with their target accounts while 45% have seen at least double the ROI."
  • According to FlipMyFunnel, "companies that use ABM generate 200% more revenue for their marketing efforts compared to those that don’t." Furthermore, "B2B organizations with tightly aligned sales and marketing operations grew their revenues 24% faster in three years compared to those whose teams work separately. Also, they increased their profits 27% faster during the same period."
  • Companies that use ABM see an 84% improvement in reputation and a 74% improvement in customer relationships.
  • In terms of customer retention and sales win rates, companies experience a 36% higher customer retention rates and 38% higher sales win rates.
  • Another survey on 196 marketers show that "about 71% of the companies saw greater ROI within their ABM efforts compared to their traditional marketing initiatives."
  • Popular among B2B companies, ABM offers more benefits beyond traditional marketing including personalized marketing approach, sales and marketing alignment, shorter sales cycles, optimized waste resources, and clearer ROIs.
  • "Account-based marketing is precise and measurable, providing the highest ROI of all B2B marketing tactics. 85% of marketers who measure ROI describe account-based marketing as delivering higher returns than any other marketing approach."

Research Strategy

The research team dove straight into industry and media sources to identify data points that illustrate the industry-wide return on investment (ROI) of large foundations in the US health and education space that use account-based marketing (ABM) but quickly found that such information is unavailable. Expanding the search to include US nonprofits, in general, wasn't fruitful either, as the most useful information only provides account-based marketing tactics with no specific mention of any success metrics. We also searched further for case studies and success stories of nonprofits, including large foundations in the US health and education space, that have implemented or are implementing ABM. For this, we leveraged LinkedIn's marketing solution case studies and other industry or media articles. Through this approach, we could find multiple case studies but neither of them was on any large foundation in the US health and education space nor in general, nonprofits. At best, a few only shared that the analyzed marketing companies target or work with nonprofits.

Still, on case studies, we attempted to identify popular awarding platforms that recognize marketing companies, especially for their ABM achievements, because the research team wanted to see if any nonprofit has been recognized in this regard. We could identify a few such as ABM Innovation Award, ABMies, and the Annual ABM Innovation Award. Through this, we could identify Movember Foundation; however, their success story isn't entirely due to AGM but more on the tech capabilities that drove their success with AGM. Moreover, it's headquarters is in Australia although it enjoys a strong international presence. However, we reviewed this foundation to see if there are other metrics or ROIs related to their AGM strategies but found nothing. In the same vein, we tried to identify other nonprofits that use ABM both in the US and globally, especially large foundations in the health and education space but had no luck. Hence, we've provided all useful information and case studies.

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