35+ Gamers - Demographics Review

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35+ Gamer Profiles - Race Demographic Review

The Hispanic and Latin breakdowns have been added to the general population profiles for the 35+ Gamer research. Hispanics comprise 18.3% of the United States population.

Hispanic Demographics

  • The updated spreadsheet may be viewed here.
  • Hispanic breakdowns were not included in the original research with race because they are an ethnicity. The US Census handles ethnicity separately from race. For instance, someone could be white and Hispanic, therefore they would fall into the white population for race, but be Hispanic. To add them to the original data would skew the results.
  • Instead, we have added an additional section for the Hispanic population with the understanding that they are already represented in the race demographics as white, black, First Nations, Asian, Native Hawaiian, or Pacific Islander.
  • To obtain a percentage breakdown, we took the population for each segment and divided it by the total population of the United States. Please note, that the census numbers were broken down slightly different from the age groups that were used for the 35+ Gamers research. The most recent numbers needed for the demographic breakdown for Hispanics was from 2017, therefore we used the 2017 total population to get the percentages.
  • The Hispanic populations are as follows:
  • Men 35-44- 4,341,218 (1.33%)
  • Men 45-64- 5,759,962 (1.76%)
  • Men 65+- 1,807,113 (0.55%)
  • Women 35-44- 4,132,677 (1.27%)
  • Women 45-64- 5,836,104 (1.79%)
  • Women 65+- 2,375,175 (0.72%)

  • "The Hispanic American population (of any race) age 65 and over was 4,204,122 in 2017 and is projected to grow to 19.9 million by 2060. In 2017, Hispanic Americans made up 8% of the older population. By 2060, the percentage is projected to be 21%."