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2020 Cultural Events (1)

The research findings gather information for the expected viewership for 2020 from prior identified events, with some data provided unable to highlight the expected viewership/audience. Highlighted in the findings are the NFL whose 2021 expected viewership is to reach 141 million. Others provided are Wild Card Games, NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament, MLB, NBA, World Series, the Olympics, U.S. presidential Election, Oscars, Grammy Awards, and the Golden Globes.


  • According to a report by Whitman Syracuse University, the NFL viewership/audience is expected to reach 141 million viewers by the year 2021, exceeding that of other sporting events.
  • The league's viewership has ticked up by 5%, one month into its 2019 season when compared to the previous year. It is attracting a rough figure of 16 million viewers across the league's network partners.
  • The NFL's viewership was also ticked higher at 8% from 2017 and down by 1% from the year 2016.

Wild Card Games

NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament

  • In 2018, a Nielson report stated that about 73 million persons 18 years and above filled out a total of 170 million brackets online and on paper.
  • Showing an estimated viewership figure of 73 million in 2018.


  • MLB viewership will reach an estimated 79 million by 2021.
  • The MLB season for 2019 increased its audience for both TV and digital viewership, increasing participation in softball and baseball, with a combined attendance of almost 110 million fans across minor and major league baseball.
  • About 68.5 million fans attended MLB games in the 2019 regular season which is down 1.7% from 69.7 million in 2018.
  • The 2019 campaign continued a trend of decline for MLB attendance which represents a 14% decline from a high of 79.5 million in 2007. MLB total attendance has declined in six of its last seven seasons.


  • According to Statista, the viewership ratings for 2019 stands at 15.14 million for TV viewership in the United States.
  • The NBA viewership base is expected to reach an estimated 63 million by 2021.

World Series

Olympics 2020 (U.S. viewership)

  • A whopping 200 million U.S. viewers were hooked to their TVs for the Rio Olympics, which proved that the Olympics are the most consumed property in media.

U.S. Presidential Elections

Academy Awards/Oscars

  • About 8% of U.S. adults claim they are always tuned in when the Oscars are on as against 30% of the survey respondents who stated they did not partake in watching the Oscars.
  • The viewership of the Oscars in the U.S. has been on a constant fluctuation for many years, and just about 29.6 million people viewed the ceremony in 2019. An obvious increase from 2018 figures of 26.5 million which was much higher in previous years when 40 million viewers used to tune in to watch the ceremony.

Grammy Awards

Golden Globes

Research Strategy

To identify the expected 2020 viewership/audience for each event highlighted in prior research, we approached relevant sources like sports publications, a database like Statista, and award publications for the answers to the request. However, most data for an expected viewership for 2020 were not readily collated and available, except for data for the NFL, NLB, and the NBA which had some information on the expected viewership beyond 2020. Other findings were able to state previous and recent viewership/audience for the identified events.

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2020 Cultural Events (2)

There are numerous non-sporting cultural events expected to take part in the United States next year including the Oscars, SXSW, and Coachella.

The Oscars Awards

  • The Oscar awards are awarded to individuals who have show outstanding performance and excellency in cinematic. The 2020 Oscar awards will take place on February 9, 2020, at the Dolby theater in Hollywood.
  • Oscar awards recognize people in various categories including the best actors and actresses, best supporting actors and actresses, best animated film, achievement in cinematography, costume design, the best director, the best documentary, film director, and best screenplay.
  • In 2019, the primary audience was the people who took part in any sphere of cinematography and thus it is expected the same group will consist of the primary audience in 2020. Upcoming actors, actresses, and directors will also consist of the viewership group.

Hawaii International Conference on Arts and Humanities

  • The Hawaii International Conference on Arts and Humanities will take place from January 9-11, 2020, in Honolulu.
  • The event offers a platform for various professionals having interest in both arts and humanities to meet and interact.
  • The target audience for this event include academicians and professionals from various fields in arts and humanities globally.

GFWC Convention

4. Coachella

  • The Coachella music festival is expected to take place between April 10-19, 2020 in California.
  • The festival celebrates a wide array of artists in different genres.
  • The primary viewership for this event are the music fans, globally, who wants to enjoy and celebrate music from their favorite assists.

5. CFDA Fashion Awards

  • The CFDA fashion awards will take place on June 1, 2020, in New York.
  • The awards recognize the best and most promising individuals in American design. CFDA awards also recognize the contributions made to American fashion industry.
  • The primary target audience includes members in the fashion industry including designers and journalists.

6. Atlanta International Auto Show

7. SXSW Festivals

8. BET Awards

  • BET is a black entertainment award show, expected to take place on June 28, 2020, in Los Angeles.
  • The event celebrates African Americans and other minorities in the entertainment industry.
  • The primary target or viewership for this event are artists from the African American originality, who are in the entertainment industry in the US.