18-34 YO Females Word-of-Mouth

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18-34 YO Females Word-of-Mouth

While little to no data could be found on how millennial females spread positive word of mouth recommendations for radio brands, this cohort is known to recommend brands they like or have a positive experience with on social media. They are also strongly influenced by product, service, or brand recommendations made by friends.

Millennial Women & Word-of-Mouth Marketing

  • Almost 45% of millennial women have recommended a brand, product or service because a friend or family told them something positive about it. This is also known as second-person word of mouth recommendation.
  • Over 90% of millennial women have purchased a product or service after hearing about it from a friend or family member.
  • Exactly 60% of millennial women make product or service recommendations to others to share their positive or negative experiences. Almost 70% agree that if they had a great or awful experience with a brand, vendor, or service, they will tell as many people as they can.
  • Over 55% of podcast listeners who are millennial women discover new podcasts via social media, while almost 60% discover new podcasts based on word of mouth, typically recommendations from friends or acquaintances.
  • Almost 90% of millennial women trust recommendations from friends and family over claims made by a brand or vendor.
  • More than 70% of millennial women make a product, service, or brand recommendation at least once a month.

How Millennial Women Use Social Media

  • Around 90% of millennial women use Facebook at least once a week, while 77% use YouTube, 57% use Instagram, and 56% use Pinterest.
  • Exactly 81% of millennial women say social media is the most effective way for brands to reach them. About 40% specified that Instagram is the best way they connect with brands.
  • Nearly 80% of millennial women try products based on social media recommendations.

Millennial Women: Brand Engagement

  • About 26% of millennial women are most likely to share a product or service recommendation via social media.
  • Millennial women are most likely to follow a brand on social media than other generations. According to Marketing Sherpa, around 90% of millennial women follow brands on social media, while more than 50% discover new brands or products on social media.
  • More than half of millennial women who had a good social media service experience with a brand will recommend it to others.

Why Millennial Women Follow Brands On Social Media

  • The main reasons millennial women follow brands on social media include:

How Millennial Women Interact With Brands On Social Media

  • Over 80% of millennial women interact with brands or retailers on social media, compared to just 65% of other generations.
  • Millennial women are more likely to base their "buying decisions on something they see on Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest, while YouTube and Twitter have more of an impact on men’s buying decisions."
  • Most millennial women interact with and engage with brands on Facebook and Instagram, than on other social media platforms. Specifically, 81% of millennial women chose Instagram as their preferred medium, while 79% chose Facebook, and 56% picked Pinterest.
  • A survey by Influenstar revealed that 94% of millennial women engage "actively with brands online and 31 percent of them interact with brands digitally on a daily basis."
  • About 95% of millennial women have interacted with brands on social media by liking their posts, while 61% have commented on their posts.
  • Other common ways millennial women interact with brands on social media include leaving reviews (over 30%), mentioning the brand on their own social media profile, and direct messaging the brand.