100th Anniversary Brand Campaigns

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FMCG/ CPG Brand Centennials

Tesco, Hostess, Perry's Ice Cream, Danone, and Duke Brands are examples of FMCG/ CPG brands that have created brand communication around celebrating their 100 year anniversary.


  • Tesco UK is celebrating its 100th year and to kick off their celebration, they launched a new brand and stores called Jack's, named after their founder Jack Cohen. The new brand will support locally grown food in Britain.
  • In line with their celebration, Tesco produced a series of short films that depicts their humble beginnings to what it has become today. It is launched alongside their new print campaign of retro referenced ads with a tagline "100 Years of Great Value."
  • Tesco stores offer deals on various products in their stores, which is in line with their celebration of 100 years of great value.
  • Tesco also offers up to 50% discount on select items for customers who are Clubcard holders.
  • Due to their 100th year campaign, the first quarter sales grew by 1.3%, and their popularity increased with more than 1.5 million customers benefiting from their Clubcard discounts.


  • Hostess, makers of the famous Twinkie, is celebrating its 100th year and to kick off their celebration, they launched their birthday cupcake that features limited-time-only flavors mint chocolate, strawberry, and birthday cake flavor.
  • Their 100th-year celebration has a tagline "Hostess Sweetennial." Their limited time cupcakes are available in stores in multi-pack or single serve packs.
  • As part of their 100th-year campaign, Hostess invited comedians to participate in a roast of their mascot Twinkie the Kid. The winner is rewarded with a $10,000 prize.
  • Hostess will travel across the US for their national sampling tour. Visitors will be treated with their limited time flavored cupcakes.
  • First quarter sales grew by 6.7% as part of their 100th-year-anniversary campaign.


  • Perry's Ice Cream, a fourth generation, family-owned ice cream company in New York, kicked off their 100 year anniversary by releasing four limited edition retro flavors, Parkerhouse, Heavenly Hash, Butterscotch Sundae, and Malt Shoppe.
  • They hosted an ice cream party for Akron Central School, their first ice cream customer.
  • Perry's Ice Cream also offers special promotions for their other flavors as well as the release of a special-edition “The Good Stuff” flavor in scoop shops.
  • As part of their 100th-year campaign, several elected district officials announced that November 13, 2018, is "Perry’s Ice Cream Day, a holiday in their respective districts, including the State of New York and several jurisdictions across Western New York.
  • Due to their 100th year campaign, Perry's Ice Cream recently won the Dairy Foods’ 2019 Plant of the Year as it beat out 12 other dairy plants in voting.


  • Danone, a French multi-national brand, celebrated their 100th year by decorating the streets of Paris with their very first advertisement prints.
  • The brand launched an exhibit called "The Love Behind Food," which features their rich history in their production of yogurt. The exhibit also aims to raise awareness on how food can impact one's health.
  • As part of their 100th year anniversary, they will open their collection of 1,800 strains for research purposes. This move is to promote open science in research, sharing, and development of knowledge through collaborations.
  • Danone's first quarter sales were up by 0.9% in part of their 100th-year-anniversary campaign.



To provide examples of MCG/ CPG brands that have created brand communication around celebrating their 100th year anniversary, we first looked for brands that just recently or are currently celebrating their 100th year anniversary. We first looked through Tesco UK and explored press releases and articles mentioning Tesco's 100 year anniversary and how the brand is celebrating.

We then identified four more FMCG/CPG brands from Europe and the US that just recently celebrated their 100th year. We tried looking for Australian brands, but we only found non-FMCG/CPG brands that just celebrated their 100th year (Bonds and Electrolux are some recent brands that celebrated their 100th year but identified as non-FMCG/CPG brands). After identifying the brands, we searched for press releases and articles mentioning their celebration of the 100th-year, how they created brand communication, their activities, marketing campaigns, and the result of their activities.