100-year Anniversaries in FMCG

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FMCG Brand Centennials

Examples of FMCG brands that have created brand communications around celebrating their 100-year anniversary include SPC, Oreo, Fox's Glacier, Coca Cola, and Life Savers. Below, you will find more details.


  • SPC is an Australian FMCG brand with products such as fruit juice and syrups, baked beans, spaghetti, snacks, among others.
  • The company celebrated its 100 years anniversary in 2018 and launched a centenary campaign to mark the celebration.
  • The campaign was launched with a "master brand television commercial" that highlighted its traditional baked beans, pavlova, and fruit.
  • The brand communication emphasized the company's Aussie origin and the importance of uniting families.
  • In its communication, the company stated that "we have and always will play such an instrumental role in Australian households, and this has been shaped over the years by the hard work of our staff and growers across the Goulburn Valley. Our new TVC is a chance to say thank you whilst celebrating all that’s great about Australian made."
  • The campaign was launched on national TV and it also included 15 seconds short story adverts over six months that helped it to increase brand awareness.


  • OREO is an American FMCG that is well-known for its cookies.
  • The company celebrated its 100 years anniversary in 2012 and launched a worldwide centenary campaign to mark the celebration.
  • The campaign was dubbed “Oreo Daily Twist” featured "100 days of topical and iconic images, as seen through Oreo."
  • To build awareness for the product, the campaign included new and traditional media, events, store promotions, as well as public relations promotions. It also got consumers involved in the promotion by introducing a limited-edition variety that was called Birthday Cake Oreos.
  • The campaign was very successful, driving huge brand conversation online. They attracted over 250,000 likes and reached over four million people organically.
  • The campaign was featured on ABC, AdWeek, and Quality Logo as an example of an effective and successful marketing campaign.

Fox’s Glacier

  • Fox's Glacier is a UK FMCG that is well-known in the UK for its boiled sweets product.
  • The company celebrated its 100 years anniversary campaign in 2018 and launched a campaign to mark the celebration.
  • In its communication, the brand released a press release about the excitement surrounding the milestones and announced the anniversary packages. They also communicated that they have new products lined up that their customers would love.
  • The campaign featured an anniversary packaging launched across Fox’s Glacier mints, darks, and fruits, as well as a "commemorative collectible packaging harking back to the past century".
  • According to the company's marketing manager, activities lined up for the celebration were "designed to capture shopper attention and drive sales for retailers."

Coca Cola

  • Coca Cola is a global FMCG brand that produces soft drinks.
  • In 2015, the company launched a global campaign to celebrate the 100th year anniversary of its coke bottle.
  • In the communication, Coca Cola described the campaign as an "invitation to consumers around the world to share in the specialness of an ice-cold Coca-Cola.
  • The campaign kicked off with exhibits at the High Museum of Art in Atlanta that included "two original Andy Warhol Coke bottle paintings" and over "100 original artworks and photographs featuring the bottle." An art tour was also organized and the coke bottle art traveled to 15 countries.
  • The campaign also included 14 TV and digital films and a music anthem dubbed "Nobody like you".
  • The CEO noted that the campaign ads are "a great example of how we're thinking about the effectiveness of our marketing" and that the ads have "tested very well and demonstrate our commitment to improving the quality of our ads." This suggests that the campaign was a resounding success and was subsequently launched in over 100 countries.

Life Savers

  • Life Savers is a US FMCG that is well-known for its candies, mints, and gums.
  • To mark its 100 years anniversary, Life Savers launched a giving campaign dubbed "Connect for a Cause."
  • The campaign gave consumers the opportunity to enter codes on "specially marked 100th Anniversary packages to donate $1 through nonprofit JustGive."
  • For each code entered, the company donated $1 to the charity chosen by the consumer.
  • The brand communication noted that "for 100 years, people have used Life Savers as a token of sharing -- it's time to share with causes that matter to them."
  • The company's campaign was successful and was featured by various publications such as Time, Candy Industry, Vending Times, and Hello World.


We were able to find five FMCG brands that have created brand communications around celebrating their 100-year anniversary. We ensured that there was at least one brand example from the US, the UK, and Australia. Although we prioritized the most recent examples, we had to rely on sources older than the traditional Wonder standard of two years after exhausting more recent examples. This was because each country only had a few FMCG brands that were 100 years old and the anniversary did not always fall within the last two years. Quantitative data of the brand's campaign success wasn't always available, however, we have used other factors such as the popularity of the campaign among major publications to gauge the success of each brand's communications around celebrating its 100-year anniversary.